Focused On The Future
Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Inspiring, empowering, educating young people and adults in Hull to realise their full potential.

Our Vision

Hull College in 2025 will be a vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive college meeting the diverse needs of young people and adults.

Our Vision

With our reputation fully restored, our stakeholders and partners will recognise and respect the significant role we play in supporting prosperous futures for the people of Hull and the wider Humber region.

Our technical institutes will provide high quality skills development programmes which are well aligned the region’s priority sectors.

Employers will lead the development of our technical provision. More of our students will progress to level 3, higher skills, and degree programmes, and we will have achieved significant growth in our apprentice and higher apprentice numbers.

Our technical institutes will be well resourced, with industry standard equipment and creative and inspiring learning spaces.

Our inclusive institutes will provide specialist and highly effective support for young people and adults distanced, or at risk of becoming distanced, from employment.

Our new pre-technical provision will positively re-engage young people whose progress at school has left them vulnerable.

Our extensive adult provision will provide immediate and direct routes into employment. And our provision for students with learning difficulties and disabilities will promote their independent living futures.

Innovative use of digital technologies will be apparent across all our programmes. And our commitment to a sustainable, net zero region will be evident by the enthusiastic way we have embraced and implemented the FE Climate Action Road Map.

We will routinely and carefully listen to and act on the concerns of our students. Our students will report very high levels of satisfaction with their college.

High expectations of ourselves and our students will be clearly seen in everything we do.

We will consistently operate in a culture of openness, honesty, and transparency. A college wide staff development programme will ensure our staff are well supported in delivering our strategic ambition.

Stable and effective leadership, people friendly human resource approaches and prudent financial management, will underpin our rising and ultimately high staff morale.

Hull College will be known as a great place to study and work, and our students and staff will again be proud of their college.

Our Values

We Are Inclusive

  • We celebrate diversity and value individuality.
  • We thrive on understanding and helping each other.
  • We provide a safe, friendly and welcoming environment for all.

We Are Empowering

  • We build our students’ confidence, knowledge, understanding and skills.
  • We help our students find their strengths.
  • We support our students both when they are struggling and when they are succeeding.

We Have Integrity

  • We are open, honest and respectful.
  • We always act transparently and with consideration for others.
  • We are never afraid to do the right thing.

We Are Resilient

  • We are positive and focus on what we can do, not what we can’t.
  • We welcome feedback and challenge.
  • We take responsibility for our own actions.

We Are Ambitious

  • We embrace innovation, creativity and change.
  • We push ourselves and aspire to best practice.
  • We are passionate about our college, our students, their dreams and their futures.

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