Are you leaving school or aged between 16-18 and looking to take the first steps towards an exciting new future? At Hull College, we have one focus - to create careers, not courses. We care about your future and want to help you achieve your full potential.

We offer a wide range of specialised vocational qualifications, at levels to suit everyone. Whatever study programme you choose, you will receive the highest level of training from our specialist tutors, and learn everything you need to know in your chosen subject to achieve your goals and go on to progress to either university, employment, or an apprenticeship.

If you are unsure what you would like to do next or you aren’t sure which course you want to apply for, then please get in touch with our careers team who will chat with you about the different options available.



How to Apply

To apply for a course at Hull College, use our course finderto view all of available courses and find the perfect one for you!

To apply for a course at Hull College, use our course finder to view all of available courses and find the perfect one for you!

Just give the course you’re interested in a click, find the apply button, and complete the form to submit your online application. It’s as easy as that!


English & Maths

English and maths are important life skills that will help you to succeed in your education, career and everyday life.

If you have not yet achieved your Grade 4 in the new GCSE examinations or a Grade C in the old GCSE examinations, in either English and/or maths, you will continue to study these subjects as part of your study programme to help you work towards this level, supported by our dedicated tutors.

Improving your skills can not only enhance your job opportunities and career prospects, but also open the doors to further study and university

Benefits of improving your English and maths skills include...

  • They will help you to progress to higher level study
  • They will enable you to get you a better job
  • You will be able to access more career opportunities
  • They will help you earn more money in the future
  • They will provide you with better life opportunities

Open Events

Find out more about life as a student at Hull College by attending one of our Discover open events.

Come along to find out everything you need to know about studying with us, our wide range of vocational courses, meet our subject specialist tutors and friendly support staff, explore our industry-standard facilities and ask as many questions as you like!

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Why study
with us?

Choosing to continue your education with us is about more than just gaining a qualification - it’s the perfect opportunity to prepare yourself for your chosen career. That's why we've put together a number of key reasons to help you decide why Hull College is the right choice for you and your future.

Career focused courses

We have one focus - to create careers, not courses. We pride ourselves on this approach, ensuring you leave us with the skills, knowledge and experience needed to begin a career in the industry of your choice.

Hands-on Learning

Do you learn better by working with your hands? Do you retain information better by ‘doing’ rather than ‘listening’? If so, studying one of our vocational study programmes could well be the perfect option for you!

Taught by experts

Our dedicated course tutors are experts in their fields with extensive knowledge and years of industry experience, and can therefore equip you with the necessary skills future employers are looking for.


Hull College provides a relaxing and fun environment where you will be treated like an adult. You will have lots of opportunities to grow and develop your skills outside of your studies.

Employer Links

Our close links with employers help us ensure that our curriculum reflects what is expected in industry - giving you a head start in the jobs race.