If you're unemployed and looking to boost your skills, or English isn't your first language and you're struggling to find work, we are able to help.

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Our Adult Employability Curriculum is dedicated to ensuring that each individual will leave the college more employable, understanding more about the world of work and ready to take up employment opportunities offered via the job centre or through progression to other courses with the college, including SWAPs, full time and part-time higher-level courses including ESOL at L1 and above.

Please note if you are currently employed and looking for adult courses please click here.

Empowering Unemployed Adults:

Our curriculum is designed to support individuals currently not in work. We focus on building skills, confidence, and resilience to enhance their employment prospects.

Integrate language learning with employability skills

Create safe spaces for language practice, encouraging risk-taking and gradual confidence growth. Our goal is to foster a sense of belonging and self-assuredness for all our learners.

Practical Training

Through workshops, coaching, and practical exercises, we equip unemployed adults with job-ready skills. Whether it's updating their CVs, navigating the digital world, mastering interview techniques, or understanding industry trends, we provide actionable knowledge.

Job Search Strategies

Our curriculum guides unemployed adults in effective job searching, networking, and accessing job boards. We address barriers they may face and offer tailored support.

Rebuilding Careers

For those seeking to re-enter the workforce, our curriculum emphasises career exploration and retraining,. We are committed to helping unemployed adults regain stability and purpose.

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