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English and maths are important life skills that will benefit you in many ways - and it’s never too late to improve them. Doing so can not only enhance your job opportunities and career prospects but also open the doors to further study.

Our adult English and maths courses are designed for students aged 19 and above wanting to continue their education, retrain, develop within their career or simply wanting to refresh existing skills. Whether you left education early or didn’t get the grades you expected, we are on hand to help and support you to maximise your potential in a supportive and welcoming atmosphere.

Whatever your starting point, we have a range of options for you to consider with courses run on a part-time basis on different days and times throughout the week to help fit your learning in and around your work and family commitments.

So, if you are thinking about a new job, exploring a career progression, or you simply want to build your skills and confidence, then why not sign up to one of our courses. We are proud to support more than 2,000 adults each year to achieve their goals and are committed to helping you gain the qualifications you are missing to help you progress and develop.

Benefits of improving your English and maths skills include...

  • They will help you to progress to higher level study
  • They will enable you to get you a better job
  • You will be able to access more career opportunities
  • They will help you earn more money in the future
  • They will provide you with better life opportunities

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English and Maths


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