UPS & Policing Students Enjoy Elite Commando Experience


5:27 pm

Uniformed Public Services and Policing students were fortunate enough to attend a bootcamp with ex-Royal Commando Shane Giles for a commando experience and elite fitness session earlier this month.

This included an introduction to decommissioned military weapons - ranging from World War 1 to the present day - and a demonstration from Shane that provided the students with hands-on experience assembling and loading the weapons with blank ammunition.

The students then took part in a military exercise patrolling the area with vital skills practised in communication and teamwork. To end, students were split into two groups - one fitness and the other team building, which saw the fitness group put through their paces in a gruelling circuit by ex-fire fighter Chris Pearson, whilst Shane worked with the others in survival skills and obstacle crossing.

Tutor Lou Davison said: “This was an amazing experience for our Uniformed and Protective Services and Policing students who all did us proud with their positive attitude to the activities and full participation.

“The skills gained on this day are vital for our learners in the occupations they wish to pursue including confidence building, teamwork and perseverance. Due to this, Shane is pleased to have us attend further sessions with him at Driffield barracks in the future.”

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