Plumbing Students Enjoy Trip To Yorkshire Water


5:06 pm

Level 2 Plumbing students at the college enjoyed an informative and productive trip to Yorkshire Water last week.

As part of their studies this year, the group covered the topic of 'Cold Water' - from supply and treatment to systems, regulations and requirements - hence the reason for the visit. This gave our students the perfect opportunity to help visualise what they have learnt in the workshop and classroom at college.

Education on all things water is important for both children and adults, with Yorkshire Water housing education centres at a number of their water treatment facilities all over the county (North, South, East and West Yorkshire) with a desire to help inspire future generations.

Our group of students were treated to a fantastic experience at the Yorkshire Water Education Centre based in Headingley, which treats water for just half of the city of Leeds.

Just some of the statistics our students discovered as part of the visit were:

Yorkshire Water treats 1.3 billion litres of water each year for use in Yorkshire. This is separate from the wastewater treatment that they also undertake.

The facility we visited in Leeds treats around 73 million litres of water per day, for around 500,000 people.
The water we drink and use in our area comes from a mix of river water (River Hull), groundwater and boreholes.
Treatment of the water - from taking it out of the river to having it ready to drink - takes just 2 hours.
There is no fluoride added to any of our water.
The underground pipes that supply the College are up to nine inches (approx. 23 cm) in diameter, made of cast iron and were installed in 1850!

Everyone in The Institute of Building Technologies and at the college would like to thank Yorkshire Water, Vicky and Adele in particular, for their time and excellent hospitality on the day.

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