Pearson National Teaching Award Nomination For Georgina


5:15 pm

Congratulations to Georgina Turner who was recently nominated for a 2022 Pearson National Teaching Award.

An inspiring teacher at 14-16 College, Georgina was put forward for the Outstanding New Teacher of The Year award by colleagues for her passion and commitment to her role.

She has made a significant difference to the learning of every student she teaches through her meticulously planned and engaging lessons, and has played a key role in raising the aspirations of her pupils.

Hull College would like to take the opportunity to recognise the commitment and dedication she shows to be a pillar of support for both students and staff.

Nomination info submitted by colleagues was as follows...

'Georgina started her educational career with us as the 14-16 College as a receptionist. It was clear that she had many qualities that would make her an asset to the school environment.

'After a year or so Georgina applied to become part of the Behaviour and Inclusion team and was successful. She was able to bring much to the role and worked tirelessly in supporting students and staff. Georgina was then encouraged to look at undertaking her PGCE with a view to teach GCSE English. She did this along with her behaviour role initially and then applied to teach on a full time basis, still within our team.

'She was successful at this application and so, started teaching full time in September 2020. She continued on her PGCE course and finally became a qualified teacher in June 2021. It has been a tough few years for everyone but to undertake extra responsibilities and train for a new career says something about the tenacity of this young lady. She works tirelessly and is a passionate advocate for her students.

'A credit to the teaching profession who deserves recognition from her peers for her outstanding contribution to the students and school as a whole. Although employed to teach English, Georgina also teaches Media and Sociology.

'Georgina strives to produce lessons that are innovative and meaningful to students of all levels. They go over and above to provide support and guidance and help each individual student become the best they possibly can. The impact is measurable - learners develop skills and competencies within the curriculum that raises aspirations for learners and challenges them to believe in themselves. A range of activities and learning methods are utilised to ensure it is enjoyable, engaging and inclusive to all learners.

'Georgina seeks to make ‘real-life’ references where possible to make the subject relatable to student’s previous experiences. When our students leave us at the end of Year 11, they don’t just leave as target grades that have been missed, achieved or bettered. They leave as people more confident, sociable and self-assured than the people who joined us at the start of Year 10. Georgina aims to develop critical readers, compelling writers and confident speakers.'

Supporting statement from co-teacher in Media...

'In our school - 14-16 College at Hull College - our students range in academic ability and the media course reflects this across level 1 and 2. To enable students to develop core knowledge and understanding, including a range of different types of media products, production processes and techniques. Our scheme of work is engaging, exciting and innovative.

'Georgina uses her ‘real-life’ references to make the subject relatable to student’s experiences, and even seeks to present new experiences to our students in innovative way. Georgina uses her skills to check students’ understanding effectively and identify and correct misunderstandings through informed examples, to enable students to balance their opinions.

'The impact of this is a grasp of facts and concepts, selection and interpretation of information to debate and conclude, and fluent use of skills in more complex situations.'


The Pearson National Teaching Awards is an annual celebration of excellence in education, founded in 1998 by Lord Puttnam to recognise the life-changing impact an inspirational teacher can have on the lives of the young people they work with.

This year marks its 24th year of celebrating award-winning teachers, teaching assistants, Headteachers and lecturers across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

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