Motor Vehicle Students Help Local Charity Spread Christmas Cheer


3:06 pm

Level 3 Motor Vehicle students at Hull College grafted tirelessly over the last few weeks of term, working hard to keep staff members on the move in the run-up to the busy Christmas period.

Having managed to fix several vehicles that had difficult faults to find and repair, the group also managed to rectify two engine faults before going on to prevent another car from a guaranteed MOT fail after successfully fixing some faulty brake lines.

In addition to that, the biggest challenge faced by our students was undoubtedly working on a 1969 VW Camper van for local charity - Hull and East Yorkshire Children's University. The initial diagnosis for the vehicle wasn't good, especially with it failing to start when first arriving at our Cannon Street campus.

However, utilising the skills learnt since the start of term, our group of students successfully managed to repair the vehicle and get its wheels turning once again - and just at the right time!

Although the Camper van will spend the rest of its life as part of an exciting new project that will help inspire a love of reading for children living in the Care System, it has also had the opportunity to spread some festive cheer this week. Staff from Hull and East Yorkshire Children's University have been busy on their travels, delivering presents and food hampers to those who would have otherwise gone without.

Huge thanks goes to our students who have persevered with this task so that Hull and East Yorkshire Children's University could bring smiles to so many faces in the build-up to Christmas this year.

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