Department for Education and Science, Innovation and Technology Visit Hull College


4:50 pm

In partnership with Ufi VocTech Trust, Wednesday (1st May) saw us open our doors to members from the Department for Education and Department for Science, Innovation and Technology for an immersive exploration into the future of education and industry.

The visit allowed us to showcase our commitment to digital transformation, highlight the need to embrace digital, industry 4.0, and AI technologies, and our pivotal role in supporting both students and local businesses in embracing the digital revolution.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the immersive sessions held in our digital study hub, Elevate, featuring interactive demonstrations and discussions on various technological innovations. From our very own innovative AI Academy to Bodyswaps simulator demos in healthcare and job interviews, attendees experienced first-hand the transformative potential of AI and immersive technologies in education and training.

We were also thrilled to share the groundbreaking and award-winning work happening at our college! Our Executive Director of Digital Transformation, Deb Millar, showcased our acclaimed AI Translate project, which has been generously funded by Ufi VocTech Trust.

This was followed by a series of ‘Embracing Tomorrow and AI Workshops’ for SMEs - featuring Kathryn Shillito (HullBID), Stella Jacobs (Data Protection Solutions) and Chris Howell (HEY LEP) - to emphasise our dedication to supporting business development and growth.

Ufi VocTech Trust Chief Executive Rebecca Garrod-Waters then took centre stage, discussing skills for an economy in transition and the pivotal role of vocational technology to wrap up what was a fantastic day at our Queen’s Gardens campus.

From AI simulations to strategic discussions, it was inspiring to show how we're embracing tomorrow's technologies today for the benefit of our students and businesses across the city and region.

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