Colleges Week 2023: Unlock Your Future in Health and Social Care at Hull College


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Are you a student with a heart dedicated to helping others? Do you aspire to build a rewarding career in the ever-growing Health and Social Care industry? Look no further than Hull College, your gateway to a world of possibilities and a brighter future.

Today, as part of Colleges Week 2023, we're going to dive into the study programmes and facilities that we offer to students who aspire to be healthcare professionals.

The Path to a Fulfilling Career

The Health and Care sector is one of the biggest and most important industries in the UK. Roles in Health and Social Care can be extremely rewarding, with the potential to help care for people of all ages in a wide range of work settings and give you the chance to make a real difference to people’s lives.  

Our Health and Social Care courses are designed to provide you with the self-confidence, independence, skills, knowledge and experience to help you progress towards your goal of pursuing a career within the health and care sector.  

Combining classroom learning with practical experience and skills development, we will develop your professionalism and ability to work as part of a team and as an individual. You will also benefit from our links and connections with local organisations, which provide the invaluable opportunity to gain vital experience through work placements in real-life settings to aid your development and progress.  

Our Facilities

One of the standout features of Hull College are our purpose-built facilities across all subject areas. Among these, our realistic clinical skills room shines as a beacon for students seeking a hands-on, learning experience. Whether you dream of becoming a nurse, midwife, or any other healthcare professional, this clinical room is designed to provide you with invaluable practical knowledge.

Imagine stepping into a room that mirrors the environment you'll encounter as a healthcare professional. That's what our realistic clinical room offers. It boasts fully functioning beds, weighted dummies, and all the equipment you need to develop your skills in moving and caring for patients of all types.

Instead of simply reading about patient care, you'll be actively participating in it. Our realistic clinical skills room provides a risk-free environment for you to learn and make mistakes, ensuring you're fully prepared for real-life situations.

By offering this unique learning opportunity, we not only prepares you for a successful career but also ensures you enter the industry with the confidence and competence needed to excel.

The Numbers Don't Lie

In the world of Health and Social Care, job security and growth prospects are essential. Here are some key Labour Market Information (LMI) statistics specific to Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire that demonstrate the thriving nature of this industry:

Diverse Employment Opportunities
Nearly 36,000 people are employed in the Health and Social Care sector in Hull and East Yorkshire, which accounts for a substantial 14% of regional employment.

Growing Hospital Jobs
The number of jobs in hospitals in Hull and East Yorkshire has increased by nearly 500 since 2015, marking a significant growth of 5%.

Rising Demand in Residential Care
The number of jobs in residential care in Hull and East Yorkshire has surged by 425 since 2015 to reach around 7,850, a remarkable increase of nearly 6%.

Anticipated Growth
With the projected increase in the population aged 65 and over, Yorkshire and the Humber region is set to require an additional 43,000 adult social care posts by 2035, signifying a substantial growth of 25%.

NHS: A Giant Employer
The NHS is the largest employer in Europe, with 1.245 million people working in its ranks. This offers countless opportunities for those entering the Health and Social Care industry.

These numbers underscore the promising future for those embarking on a career in Health and Social Care in the Hull and East Yorkshire area. Hull College not only equips you with the skills you need but also connects you to a thriving job market.

Join Us Today

Hull College's commitment to excellence, coupled with its state-of-the-art facilities and the growth potential of the Health and Social Care sector in Hull and East Yorkshire, make it the ideal choice for your educational journey.

Unlock your potential, learn in a real-world environment, and set yourself on the path to a rewarding career. Choose Hull College, where your passion meets opportunity. Your future in Health and Social Care starts here.

Want to know more? Join us at one of our Discover Hull College Open Events to find out how you can begin your journey towards a rewarding career in the Health and Social Care industry.

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