Bricklaying Students and Apprentices Enjoy Visit To Crest HQ


2:43 pm

Bricklaying students and apprentices gained a fantastic insight into the construction industry during a recent visit to the headquarters of Crest Building Products.

The day started with a presentation on the history of Crest, an overview of the products supplied by the business and an insight into their European manufacturing operation by Marketing Manager Neil Mace, who also discussed the various house-building projects that Crest is involved in across the region.

After the opening presentation, the 12 students were divided into three groups, and further presentations were delivered by Neil, along with Sales Director Paul Lawson and Area Sales Manager Tony Askew.

Paul discussed the topics of site practice, troubleshooting, dimensions and tolerances, whilst Tony introduced the students to the Crest range and gave them an understanding of various special products, including Crest’s Linea Long Format bricks. Neil, meanwhile, gave a tour of the Crest warehouse, and provided details on the shrink wrap process, packing procedures and brick sample operation.

Students were also given the opportunity to explore and take a closer look at the huge range of brick displays within the company’s showroom which showcased the various mortar colours and how they can affect the facing brick appearance before the day concluded with an informative question and answer session.

The day proved to be a fantastic success and beneficial experience for both students and tutors and the college is looking forward to continue working with Crest to inspire and help shape the next generation of bricklayers.

Feedback from students who enjoyed the educational and informative trip included:

“I gained a good understanding of how the different types of bricks are made.”

“It was a different kind of experience to college and I enjoyed learning about how their bricks are made.”

“It was really helpful to see exactly what is done and what happens to bricks before they arrive on a construction or building site.”

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