FD Renewable Energies and Technologies

This programme offers students the chance to delve into various renewable technologies gaining. practical experience with equipment such as wind turbine dynamics, hydroelectric training rigs, wave energy units, geothermal units and solar hydrogen cycle trainers. The curriculum includes health and safety, community engagement, and economics, offering a comprehensive understanding.

Welding and Fabrication for Renewable Industries

Whether you’re interested in the engineering industry or want to work as a welder in the motor trade, the Level 2 Diploma is a more technical route to welding and teaches you a range of theory and practical welding skills. As the region gears up for significant infrastructure projects, there's no better time to enrol in fabrication and welding courses at Hull College. It's an opportunity to be part of the region's exciting journey towards a greener future.

T Level in Construction Design

The T Level in Design, Surveying, and Planning for Construction is a mix of classroom learning and actual work experience, designed for anyone 16 and older who has an interest in building and designing projects. The course gives you an inside understanding of how buildings and spaces come to life, from the first sketch to the final brick. You’ll cover everything from how to manage a construction project to the nitty-gritty of measuring land using the latest drone technology and making sure buildings meet all the rules.

Access to Paramedic Science

Are you feeling the call to make a difference in people's lives? The Access to Higher Education Diploma could be your gateway to a rewarding career as a Paramedic. This nationally recognized Level 3 qualification is designed to prepare adults like you, who have been out of the education system for some time, for the challenges of higher education and the Paramedics Degree. The programme is tailored to help you develop the essential skills needed to thrive in the academic world and the demanding field of paramedicine.

Level 2 Patisserie

The course is designed to give you the experience and skill to prepare fresh cream mousses, sweet, short puff and choux pastry products to name a few, coupled with the specialist introduction to chocolate and sugar work, which is taught by our own world skill and multi award winning lecturers. Not only is this the only pure pastry qualification offered within the area, you have the opportunity to enter local and National competitions to keep that flag waving for Hull College Culinary team.

L4 Hospitality Management

The Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Events and Hospitality Management offers a gateway for young adults looking to advance from Level 3 studies in Catering, Business, or Travel. This dynamic qualification aims to cultivate professional, adaptable individuals ready to meet the evolving demands of the hospitality and events industry.