Hull College Apprenticeships
Life as an apprentice

Life as an Apprentice

There are two types of apprenticeship - wholly in the workplace and some with day release into College. However, they both involve a mix of work and study.


When you are an apprentice, you are a full staff member of your employer, meaning you get paid and will be part of the workforce. Read about the wages you will receive as an apprentice here.

Your employer may have a range of learning opportunities for you alongside other employees. Details of this may be included in a vacancy advertisement, or you can ask at interview.

However, a key part of your apprenticeship is that you will receive training from us towards a qualification linked to your work.


The type of learning you receive on your apprenticeship will depend on the qualification you are studying for and the requirements of your employer.

Workplace Learning

With workplace learning, your training will be delivered through various methods including an online e-Portfolio, visits to your employer by your Skills Coach and classroom delivery where requested by your employer.

College Learning

When apprenticeships are set-up for college learning, you will spend four days in the workplace and one day per week (known as day release) in college to study for your qualification. You will evidence your work via an online e-Portfolio and examinations.


Some apprenticeships include an assessment at the end, such as an exam. Your Skills Coach can advise what applies to your apprenticeship, or you can ask the recruiter when applying for a vacancy.