Darren Storrer // Award-Winning Tutor

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Why did you choose to study at Hull College?

I was an apprentice through the CITB and the College was their partner and had just built the CITB building on their campus.

What did/do you enjoy most about studying at Hull College?

I enjoyed being treated as an adult, and individual who had a voice. Being able to learn in a vocational context and at a pace that suited me. So much better than school ever was.

What has been your career path up until now?

After completing my apprenticeship as a joiner I left to become a workshop foreman at the age of 21, then moved to be a site manager three years later, then onto workshop manager, before coming into teaching part-time on evenings prior to taking on a full-time roll at the college.

What does your job involve?

My current post as a curriculum leader involves the daily running of joinery courses at the College for all age groups from 16 years of age and upwards. I also manage and deliver on 14-16 courses for young people who come into the College to study construction courses with us.

I’m the lead internal verifier for BTEC programmes, and manage the CITB contract within the school so I’ve gone full circle from my apprenticeship back when I was 16.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

The day I was appointed a tutor at the College and proving that I wasn’t the person I was made to believe I was at school; I was always told I wouldn’t amount to much in life!

To see that hard work could get me what I wanted and then be able to put back what I had been given by the college who set me on the right path.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

To carry on in a job that I love, teaching young people a trade that I am passionate about. And to then see them years later and that they have done something with their teaching and prospered.

Have your studies helped you to achieve your career aims?  

Yes! Without the College and my apprenticeship I don’t feel I'd have made the go of my career and life that I have. At school I felt I was always put down. The College makes you feel like you can do whatever you want, just go for it and try!

What would you say to inspire current and future students? (This can include career tips)

Grasp every chance with both hands, take every opportunity to learn. Most of all have a go; don’t fear the unknown and if it doesn’t work try again. Never give up.

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