14-16 College provides a specialised vocational curriculum for dedicated and focused learners wanting to broaden their horizons from Year 10 onwards.

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The Details

Our leaners are able to choose vocational subjects in the areas that interest them alongside their core GCSEs in English, maths and science subjects. Specialist vocational facilities and industry-trained and experienced tutors will provide you with an unrivalled grounding in your chosen vocation, where you will be able to develop the skills needed to succeed.

From the moment you walk through our doors for the first time, you will find tutors providing the highest standards for learning and excellent opportunities to progress to a dream job or further study - all the way up to degree level. You will benefit from smaller class sizes, individual support and a secure zone dedicated to learners at the 14-16 College. You will have a clear progression route into further and higher education within the College, which will provide the opportunity to specialise in your chosen career.

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14-16 – Curriculum

14-16 College offers core academic subjects as well as vocational specialisms, creating unique pathways designed around your interests and future aspirations.

An academic timetable takes up the significant part of your studies. Core GCSEs are a mandatory part of mainstream studies and gaining English and maths qualifications will be a priority in order to provide you with wider progression options.

Specialist Pathways

Studying at 14-16 College means you will choose two specialist vocational subjects from a range of pathways. Studying over two years, you will gain in-depth knowledge, practical skills and expertise in their chosen pathways. All vocational qualifications are equivalent to GCSEs and will help you to gain a fuller understanding of their chosen industries.

Having the opportunity to experience a range of different subjects will help you to develop your future aspirations and employability and begin to understand your strengths, interests and skills and how they can be applied to the wider world of work. Specialisms include: Sport, Art, Construction, Health and, Social Care, Maintenance Engineering, Child Care, Catering, Film Studies

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Get a feel for what it’s like to study at 14-16 College at one of forthcoming Open Events. Find out everything you need to know from how to apply, our uniform, free school meals and to what makes us different from other schools in the city.

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What is 14-16 College?

14-16 College offers more choices for students currently in Year 9. Students joining the college will still study for GCSEs in core subjects such as English, maths and science. They will choose an option to study over two years from history, business and enterprise or digital media.

Students also embark on vocational pathways taught by tutors with industry experience and training within their vocational area. 14-16 College is smaller than a secondary provision, with four groups in both years. Students have a dedicated area and belong to a small learning community to develop their KS4 learning skills. Students will have the opportunity to benefit from the college’s close partnerships with key local employers and agencies.

educating pupils from age 14?

Hull College has a strong background in working closely with 14-16 students, creating the Energy League, for those students displaced by the closure of David Lister School, in 2011 and having a long history of working in partnership with schools in Hull, Goole and the East Riding to provide vocational courses. 14-16 College was launched in 2011 and has enjoyed continuous growth ever since, allowing us to celebrate the fantastic progress made by employable young people each and every year.

Will learners still follow the National Curriculum?

Students will study core GCSEs including English, maths and science. Every student at 14-16 College will follow a programme individually tailored to them through their option blocks, vocational choices and life skills development classes, ensuring they get the most from their studies to support progression and employability skills.

Can 14-year-olds now join any college?

No. Only select colleges have been given Government permission to launch provision for students aged 14-16. Those approved have to meet set criteria: an Ofsted rating of Outstanding, Good, or Satisfactory and improving, and they must have a secure, separate area to house the 14-16 College. 14-16 College is led by a different team to the rest of the main college and had its first Ofsted monitoring visit in March 2014, achieving the best possible outcome. Following on from this, the 14-16 College was rated 'Good' in its first full Ofsted inspection in November 2015, moving up to 'Outstanding' in May 2019 and maintained key areas in March 2022, although it no longer gains a separate grading from the main college.

Do pupils have to pay to attend 14-16 College?

No. The 14-16 College is free to attend in the same way state schools are. There are no fees to study with us.

Can learners still receive free school meals?

Yes. Eligible students will still receive free school meals, just as they would at any other school in the city. Please inform us if you are entitled to free school meals or are applying with the local authority.  Also, please inform the college if you have received free school meals previously as this helps to support funding for students.

What about a uniform?

In order for us to support young people within the larger college community, a specific uniform is important in assisting college staff to recognise 14-16 students in order to underpin our safeguarding procedures. The learner uniform comprises of a 14-16 College branded sweatshirt and t-shirt with black trousers or a skirt. The 14-16 College requires parents/carers to purchase their son/daughter’s uniform. The uniform can be ordered online once you have accepted a place at the college.

How do learners apply?

You can apply online. If any support is needed with the application process, please contact the college who will be happy to help.

What happens next?

After receiving an application, we will write to parents/carers to invite the potential student, along with a parent/carer, to an informal meeting which will provide the opportunity to discuss areas of interest, current levels of study at school, areas of support and any other additional information that would assist in supporting the student. The key focus is to ensure that the 14-16 College meets expectations and needs, and parents and young people understand and can discuss the requirements to study in a more grown-up environment. The responsibilities for young people to do so requires commitment. Following this meeting, a letter will be sent out to confirm the outcome of the application.

What about Transport?

The local authority set the transport rules for young people under the age of 16. Please contact the local authority directly to find out if you are eligible for free travel support. The college currently subsidises bus travel costs to a limit of £5 per week.

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Why Study
With Us?

In exchange for commitment and hard work, students will be able to take advantage of the many benefits of studying at 14-16 College. We are proud of every student that joins us and look forward to welcoming each individual to do their very best and succeed, regardless of starting points.

The college has a network of employers and will begin to discuss progression early in your journey with us. You will receive a balance in curriculum to ensure you are gaining the right qualifications for progression alongside areas of interest, creative learning, digital skills and support networks to help you succeed and be prepared for your future choices.

Vocational Pathways

We offer a varied curriculum that allows you to select a range of different vocational subjects, broadening your horizons and providing the building blocks for post-16 success. In addition to core mandatory GCSEs, our vocational pathways will help you to realise your interests, develop your knowledge and understanding and shape your future choices.

Vocational subjects include: Sport & Public Services, Art & Design, Construction, Childcare, Motor Vehicle, Welding or Hair & Beauty. You will choose one vocational in year 10 and another for year 11.

Option Blocks: You will also select an option block that you will study over two years. You can choose from History GCSE, Business & Enterprise BTEC or Digital Media BTEC.

Smaller Class Sizes & Year groups

Our smaller class sizes and year groups ensure we are able to give our students much more specialist tutor contact time and support. You will be expected to be involved in your learning journey and develop responsibility for outcomes with the guidance and support of your tutors and mentors.


You will learn in a secure zoned area for 14-16 students, but benefit from access to the larger college campus, along with our vocational specific and industry-standard training facilities and equipment.


We can offer you not only the subjects you wish to study, but an environment where you can develop your employability skills - focusing on personal motivation, support, wellbeing, team work and respect in a more adult environment. You will develop knowledge, awareness and understanding throughout your time at 14-16 College with a supported curriculum linked to real life learning skill sessions, citizenship project learning and enrichment activities alongside next steps progression sessions in year 11.

Student Care & Support

At 14-16 College, a wide network of systems are in place to ensure the safety, development and well-being of each and every student. Like many schools, students will have access to a school nurse, counselling support, safeguarding, mentors and support workers. You will also find that your tutors have supporting roles also and everyone is there to ensure your days, weeks, months and years are the very best they can be.


Take advantage of our direct progression routes into Further Education, Apprenticeships and Higher Education at the college. You will access progression information from all providers across the city and beyond, as well as learning about all the different options available to you. The potentials and possibilities are exciting for you and we hope that we can help to link you to the right next steps to secure your future!