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You have the right to not be videoed or photographed by anyone using cameras, web cams or mobile phones.

Could this be you?

On the way into college on the bus Liam had his trousers pulled down and some other students from college videoed the incident on their phones. The bus driver, who was aware of 'happy slapping' videos, witnessed the incident and checked the coach's CCTV on his return to base. The driver contacted the college duty manager and was able to prevent the videos from being posted on any websites.

The students responsible were disciplined, and Liam was supported and other bullying incidents investigated.

Top Tips

Report this to someone – a member of staff, parent/carer or another responsible adult.

If this is bullying it is a crime, please see Safeguarding case study five.

If it is an adult who is taking pictures or videoing you - tell the police.

Be careful about when you have your webcam on – only have your webcam on when you know the person you are 'speaking to'. These pictures can be used by anyone and once they are on the internet they are difficult to remove.

If you are taking pictures of your friends think before you send them anywhere. Get your friends' permission before taking pictures of them, and especially before sending pictures to someone else or posting them on the Internet.

Remember that as soon as you have sent them, you can't control where they end up.

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