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Remember not everyone is who they say they are on the internet. You have a right to tell someone if you think anyone is suspicious.

You have the right to explore the internet but remember that you cannot trust everything that you see or read on the internet.

Could this be you?

For a while Claire has been chatting online in secret with someone older than her. At first he seemed really nice and appeared to understand her better than her family. She knew it was silly, but she found it easy to tell him lots of personal things, and she was pleased to have an 'older boyfriend' online. But now he is sending her very personal and 'explicit' messages which make her feel uncomfortable and uneasy about the 'relationship'.

Claire doesn't go online for a few days. She doesn't talk to anyone: she's too embarrassed to talk about this to anyone face to face. She remembers a tutorial at college where she learnt about a red button, so she looks in MSN and finds it. It says 'report abuse'. She types all the details into the form. She feels better for having told someone. She doesn't talk to her 'boyfriend' again.

Top Tip

If you feel uncomfortable about anything that has happened on line then report it using The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) report Button.

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