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You have a right to keep information about you private. You only have to tell people what you really want them to know.

Could this be you?

Maria is 16. She is using the internet in her bedroom when a message pops up on her screen: "Hey I'm Max and I'm 15 years old. I'm looking for a friend in England. Click here to send me an e-mail."

What would you do?

Maria knows that her email address is private. She doesn't share it with strangers. She ignores the message on screen and clicks on the x in the top-right corner to close it down.

Top Tips

You don't have to tell anyone your Age, Sex or Location. If you are suspicious about someone that you meet on the internet, then click on the report abuse button. Be careful who you accept as a friend on Facebook or any other social networking site. Treat your password like your toothbrush, don't share it with anyone. Don't just give out your mobile number on line, someone could be trying to get your credit.

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