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We work with businesses of all sizes to analyse training needs, identify relevant apprenticeships and the best way of providing the training.

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Our Apprenticeship Recruitment Service provides a responsive and customer-focused service which offers a high quality, tailored experience to each employer.

Apprenticeships can deliver real returns to your bottom line. Because they are designed specifically to meet your needs as an employer, they ensure your staff have the skills and qualifications you need now and for the future.

By investing in apprenticeships, you can harness new talent and creative ideas, improve job satisfaction and reduce staff turnover. Apprentices are widely regarded as eager, motivated, flexible and loyal to their organisation. The training they receive via HCUK Training will increase their confidence, reliability and enthusiasm.

Business benefits of apprentices

  • Apprentices help build a skilled workforce
  • Apprentices provide a positive return on investment
  • Apprentices are highly motivated workers
  • Apprentices are loyal to your organisation
  • Apprentices are a sustainable way of building your business with low risk
  • There is significant support available to them and to you

We support employers to maximise their return on investment of the Apprenticeship Levy. With our dedicated Apprenticeship Recruitment team, HCUK Training can provide you and your organisation with the expertise and support to guide you effortlessly through this new system, we offer;

  • Advice and guidance on the levy
  • Training needs analysis
  • Workforce planning and support
  • Recruitment service for new apprentices
  • Upskill and reskilling of existing staff

The opportunity to reclaim your levy costs is one not to be missed and so long as you are offering recognised apprenticeship training you can take advantage of the offer. It comes with the promise that you could get more out than you put in.

An e-voucher system will ensure that the funding process is not open to abuse, so you can be sure that the money you pay as a result of the levy will benefit organisations committed to apprenticeships.

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