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The Advanced Learner Loan is a student loan similar to degree study loans, but for the further education sector.

Loans are available to help you with the costs of studying a qualification from Level 3 up to Level 6. This does not affect your legal entitlement to full funding for your course if you are aged 19 to 23 and do not already hold a full Level 3 qualification or above. Those who already hold a Level 3 qualification or above and all those aged 24 and over will need to either self-fund or apply for a loan.

You can apply for a loan to pay the tuition fees towards your course, which will be paid directly to the college on your behalf.

Unlike a bank loan, your monthly repayment will be based on your income and repayments will then only start once you are earning over £25,725 per year. Repayments start at as little as £9 per month (based on an income of £27,000 per year before tax) meaning that this is a great way to access courses that previously, for financial reasons, may have been out of your reach.

Where do I apply?

Find more details or apply via the GOV.UK site.

Advanced Learner Loan (GOV.UK)

Additional Financial Support


Hull College provides a wide variety of play and learning opportunities for children under five years of age at the childcare centre on the Queen’s Gardens campus.

For more information please call our Childcare Centre Manager on 01482 598931.