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Lydia and Jack both achieved 3 C’s in English Literature, English Language & Science and D Maths and were thrilled with their grades, allowing them to study Applied Science and A Levels in Sociology, Psychology & Biology.

Lydia applied to the 14-16 College after a recommendation from Jack and enrolled with us after a period of home schooling and says 

“I was really worried I wasn’t going to pass but I got a C in English Language AND Literature! I’m also really pleased we’ve both done well in our vocational courses. One of the best things I have ever done is come to the 14-16 College full time!”

Jack joined the College as a shy, quiet student and the last 2 years have seen him overcome some significant personal issues to become a confident and hard-working young man with great prospects. Jack says 

“I’m really proud of my overall results, if I hadn’t moved to the College there is no way I would have achieved this. I wouldn’t have been successful if I had stayed at school.”