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Aim Higher - an introduction to Higher Education and university life

Are you planning on continuing your education after College? Are you progressing to degree level but are not really sure what it entails or if you can afford it?

Come to our informative and fun sessions that will introduce you to life in Higher Education post 18. Take a tour of our faculties, look at current students’ work and meet some faculty staff. There will be a presentation about the courses available and information about costs, funding & support, as well as an opportunity to meet staff and students, who will tell you about the many social and career benefits of continuing your studies.

You will then participate in a lively and interactive debate around current local and global issues with students and staff, and learn how views and topics discussed link to degree studies and how independant thinking skills are developed and benefit your future career.

Click below to look through Hull College's huge provision of post 18 degree level courses.