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All in a Day’s Work – an introduction to Apprenticeships

Come and join our HCUK Training specialists to learn all about Apprenticeships and work-based learning. Your taster will be split into three parts: 

Part One - A day in the life…

Learn about the advantages of apprenticeships, how they work and which ones are available to you. Here, you will meet the HCUK Training team, who will guide you through a day in the life of an apprentice as well as providing advice on how to progress to an apprenticeship after year 11 and how you would be guided through the process.  

Part Two - Think outside the box?

Participate in a two sided debate about the pros and cons of the apprenticeship pathway - is it the right fit for you?

Part Three - The boardroom challenge…

Using the materials provided, put your heads together to design a product and develop a business model to sell your ideas to a panel of judges.    

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