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14th May 2020

Last week, Hull College celebrated #UnitedAndProud week.

It was a week to promote the celebration and embedding of British Values in everything we do with our learners. The fundamental British Values of:

- Democracy

- The Rule of Law

- Individual Liberty

- Mutual Respect

- Acceptance of People with Different Faiths and Beliefs

Although we couldn’t engage in the usual activities within the college, many departments got involved and incorporated the importance of staying #UnitedAndProud into their lessons through quizzes and activities.

The beauty department tasked their learners to interpret the meaning of #UnitedAndProud. The results were incredible. From 1940s make-up masterpieces to represent VE Day to intricate Union Jack nail art - we can’t wait to try these out on our clients when we all return.

It also wouldn’t be a proper celebration without the catering staff getting involved. Taking on the classic hot cross bun, the team gave the tasty treats a VE Day twist by fashioning a ‘V’ on top, as opposed to the usual cross shape. Alongside the buns, they also brought back the national loaf for one weekend only. The national loaf was originally created to combat white flour shortages during WW2 and contained wholemeal flour with added calcium and vitamins.

#UnitedAndProud week gave us all the chance to reflect on and appreciate not only what our NHS, carers and key workers are battling, but to celebrate and honour the heroes of WW2 for VE Day.