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28th March 2021

If you would like to learn the skill and knowledge required for a career in the Fire or Ambulance Service, Police, Prison Service, or Armed Forces, then our range of Uniformed and Protective Services courses could be perfect for you.

Careers within this sector are becoming more and more popular and in demand, and our study programmes will allow you to gain an understanding of what it means to work in the different services. It also offers the opportunity to develop your leadership skills and understanding of public policy as well as to develop your personal fitness.

But what do our current Level 3 learners think about their time studying with us and how do they rate their Hull College experience so far? Take a look below to see what three members of our current Level 3 Uniformed and Protective Services group had to say

Abigail Benford

Abigail Benford

“I’m currently on my first year of the course and I’ve enjoyed it so much. College is so much better than secondary school and the UPS course I’m on is really interesting. All the tutors are friendly and helpful and have been so supportive from the moment I walked through the doors on day one of the course, which makes it much easier to get the work done and ensure that you are making progress.

“My favourite part of the course so far would have to be the Personal Protection Unit. It’s been beneficial to learn about and have an idea of how to deal with someone or a group of people that is behaving aggressively while also learning to protect ourselves.

“The course does require hard work and dedication but the effort required is definitely worthwhile. There are so many different elements to the course, which means every day at college is different and interesting.

“As part of the course, I’ve been learning leadership styles and techniques as I had to teach a class first aid. Although the thought of this was quite scary at first, I was able to do it with no hesitation because my confidence and belief have improved so much since coming here.

“I’m looking forward to completing my course and hopefully going on to become a Paramedic. This course is very hands-on, which is great because being a Paramedic is a hands-on job, so it’s great to know that my time at college really is preparing me for what I want to do in the future.”

Heather Clark

Heather Clark

“I’ve progressed from the Level 2 UPS course onto the Level 3 here at Hull College. The college has been amazing with the support it has provided and the tutors are all so approachable, friendly and supportive.

“I actually ended up leaving another college to come here because I wasn’t doing too well there. However, after seeing that I could study the course I wanted to do here, I made the move. Thankfully everything has gone well and I haven’t looked back since.

“I’m planning on progressing onto a Professional Policing course at University after this course has finished. I’ve always had aspirations to go into the Police and this course was the best option for me and the best pathway to help me achieve my career goal.”

Jay Johnson

Jay Johnson

“When I first started the course, I was really shy but the tutors and the other students have helped me to develop and become more confident. It was so easy to make friends as the people on my course are there for the same reason as me.

“The course itself can be a little challenging at times, although I think that’s a good thing. Without having challenges in life, you wouldn’t make as much progress. It’s also a great way to prepare yourself for real life in the world of protective services because it’s a job - whatever role you do - that won’t always necessarily be easy.

“My favourite part of the course is the fitness units we do. We get lots of preparation here for a career in protective services and this course really is providing me with a stepping stone to what I want to do. It’s giving me the experiences and vital inside knowledge needed and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a career in the industry. Hopefully, after passing this course, I will progress into the Armed Forces within the Royal Tank Regiment.”