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26th April 2021

Calling all Higher Education students at Hull College!

We have been working in partnership with The Student Union and Yada Yada Noise to bring you The Student Conference Week.

With a little something for everyone, including guest speakers, open mic nights, workshops and more, the week-long event will give students the perfect opportunity to gain insight into industry, see the world from a different perspective, open up doors to networking with past and present students and - most importantly - will be fun for all to enjoy.

The full schedule is as follows:

Monday (First Steps)

  • 3pm
    Introduction to the Week Ahead
  • 8.30pm
    Jack Gleadow Comedy Set

Tuesday (Growing Ideas)

  • 3pm
    Enterprise Talks Student Led
  • 5pm
    HE Guest Lecture Series: John Gilbert

Wednesday (New Environments)

  • 12pm
    Homemade Notebook Workshop with Louise Cramond
  • 3pm
    HE Guest Lecture Series: Andy Steel
  • 4pm
    Writing Workshop with Joe Hakim
  • 7pm
    Yada Yada Noise Spoken Word Open Mic Night

Thursday (Grounding Yourself)

  • 3pm
    Panel Discussion - Hull College Writing Group
  • 5pm
    HE Guest Lecture Series: Elaine Burke

Friday (Next Steps)

  • 3pm
    Round-Up Discussion
  • 7pm
    Open Mic Night