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27th March 2021

If you want to embark on an active career that allows you to make a positive impact in your community, why not consider one of our Sport & Uniformed and Protective Services courses?

With a variety of job roles, choosing to work in this sector is a rewarding and valuable choice. Whether you want to work as a Fitness Instructor helping people lead healthier lives or if you want to work in one of the uniformed and protective services, such as the Armed Forces or Emergency Services, studying with Hull College can put you on the right track to success.

A career in Sport is for those who love to be up and active and with an ever-increasing demand for qualified professionals to work in the industry, there has been no better time to study a Sport programme. We offer courses across different levels, giving learners many opportunities to experience a range of activities as part of their studies. Our Sport courses are delivered at the college’s dedicated sports facility, The Steve Prescott Centre. Here, learners develop their own abilities as coaches or instructors, analyse data and experiencing what it’s like to integrate sports theory into practice.

Alternatively, choosing one of our Uniformed and Protective Services courses could lead to an exhilarating career in the armed forces, emergency services, security or prison services. Our study programmes are designed to prepare participants for successful entry into the sector with a focus on active learning to develop knowledge, understanding and skills required by the sector, including essential employability skills, and allowing them to be applied in real work contexts.

What Courses We Offer…

Sport and Public Service (Level 1)
Sport Programme (Level 2)
Sport Programme (Level 3)
Uniformed and Protective Services (Level 2)
Uniformed and Protective Services (Level 3)

Why Study Sport & Uniformed and Protective Services At Hull College


  • Studying Sport at Hull College isn’t just about physical exercise and team sports. It’s so much more, incorporating a variety of both practical and theory teaching methods to enhance your learning and understanding.
  • We provide the ideal environment to prepare you for a career in the industry. We have the expertise, high quality training and connections to ensure you gain the academic, vocational and employability skills necessary to achieve career goals and find employment in a variety of sports and sports related professions.
  • You will learn from passionate teachers and coaches, who either have real life industry experience or are still actively working in the sports and leisure industry.
  • The Steve Prescott Centre - our dedicated state-of-the-art sports facility - boasts a fully-equipped gym, multi-purpose sports hall, basketball, badminton, tennis and netball courts, natural grass football pitches, a five-a-side pitch and a floodlit 4G artificial grass pitch.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to take part in outward bound activities and can even complete your Duke of Edinburgh Award whilst studying at college.

Uniformed and Protective Services

  • Combining theory and practical courses to underpin all learning, both in a simulated environment and real life, our study programmes provide a more practical approach, giving you the knowledge, understanding and skills that you need to prepare for employment whilst also allowing for progression to university.
  • Alongside theoretical based study in the classroom, public services learners will take part in a range of residential trips, as well as sport and fitness activities.
  • Our dedicated, committed and passionate teachers have detailed knowledge and experience of uniformed protective services, including the Army and prison service.
  • You will develop knowledge of leadership styles and an understanding of teams and teamwork activities within the public services. You will also gain the skills needed to communicate with and lead teams.
  • Hear first-hand from guest speakers and specialists from within the uniformed protective services industry, including blue light and armed forces.

What Our Tutors Say…

“With our vast industry experience and excellent facilities, Hull College Sport and Public Service Department is ideal for studying sport and exercise. Gain the expertise and knowledge you need to be at the forefront of your career.”
Anne Marie Knott

“Our aim is to provide a clear career path that students can take from college to university or employment. Everything we teach is focused around the student and gaining those vital employability skills for the uniformed public services. We teach both theory and practical units with the course, from crime scene investigation to personal protection and conflict management, where we teach students how to react within a conflict situation.”
Tom Hanger
Uniformed and Protective Services

“In September, we are launching a brand new Level 3 Policing course to run alongside the Level 3 Uniformed Services course. This will be ideal for those learners who are interested in joining the Police and will give an insight into the job opportunities available, fitness requirements, legal aspects and crime. This will also be a great stepping stone to advancing onto a Degree in Policing Qualification. The staff have a wealth of industry experience and are passionate about delivering the courses and greeting new students at Hull College.”
Matt Donkin
Uniformed and Protective Services

Did You Know…

  • Sport is one of the five foundations for building character, helping young people develop resilience, determination and self-belief, and installing virtues such as friendship and fair play. It can also help young people to connect with their peers, tackle loneliness and social isolation, along with building stronger communities.
  • Back in 2019, our Level 1, 2 & 3 Sport learners took part in a training masterclass with Hull City players Reece Burke and Jackson Irvine. We can’t wait to host more events like this for our learners once lockdown and COVID-19 restrictions are over - watch this space!
  • Did you know that playing sport stimulates the release of endorphins? These are the body’s natural happy chemicals which help improve your mood.
  • Hull College and Hull Kingston Rovers announced a bespoke educational partnership in August 2019 which also saw the creation of a Development Academy – run in conjunction with Archbishop Sentamu Academy sixth-form. This potentially allows our 16-18 learners to join the Robins’ Under-18s Academy side and could even lead to a part-time professional contract.
  • Learners will also have full access to the college’s main Queen’s Gardens campus, including the library, learning centre and all facilities.

Three Reasons To Love A Career In Sport…

  • Endless Opportunities
    Supporting over 600,000 jobs in the UK, sport is a fast-growing sector now ranks among the top 15 mainstream activities in the economy. Sport, exercise, fitness and health are vital parts of modern society, and there’s a huge demand for people who understand these areas.
  • Invest In Something You Love
    Sport brings together communities and provides essential skills, such as teamwork, leadership and resilience, but the one thing you really need is a true sporting passion. Who wouldn’t want to transform their hobby into a job? And through working in sport, you will meet people and colleagues who share that passion and will make the experience even better!
  • Wide-Ranging Mental Benefits
    Finally, working in the sports world can provide many mental health and well-being benefits as well. Even those working in close relation and/or proximity to sports athletes and their activities are often made susceptible to these great effects.

· Sports are proven to improve mood.

· Sports are proven to help improve concentration.

· Sports are proven to help reduce anxiety, stress, and depression issues.

· Sports-related activities can help to improve sleep.

· Sports can help with leadership skills and self-confidence.

· Sports can help with weight regulation and physical fitness.

Three Reasons To Love A Career In Uniformed Protective Services…

  • Make A Difference
    Uniformed Protective Services provide vital support to the community and are a great and satisfying career option. One of the best reasons – and for some, the most important reason - to take on a career in this sector is the chance to make a positive difference to the lives of others. The sector provides so many opportunities for you to do this and can allow you to have a direct impact on your community.
  • Not Your Usual 9-5 Office Job
    Many careers in the sector are a million miles away from your typical nine-to-five office job. Careers in the armed forces, police forces, or emergency services can be some of the most exciting, dangerous, hands-on – but also rewarding - jobs in the world. For those edging towards a career that offers something different and will see you face new and challenging situations daily, it’s the perfect opportunity!
  • Skills Development
    The Uniformed Protective Services is specialist sector that requires leadership, teamwork and a dynamic, adaptable personality, but will also allow you grow and develop new skills and knowledge on a regular basis.

Still Not Convinced Yet? Read What Our Current Learners Have To Say…

“I love the practical part of the sports course. Being at Hull College provides me with lots of opportunities to play a sport and keep active. We have a college football team, which is good, and learners from all parts of the college can come play. Just do it - you never know until you try.”

Sam Wadsworth
Level 3 Sport

“I choose Hull College because I was told how friendly the atmosphere was and that they look at you as a person and not just a statistic, which really is the case. This is my first year on this course. Changing over from secondary school was a big leap and, at first, I struggled with the change. However, my tutors and fellow students on the course really helped me and I’ve come to really enjoy being here.”
Brooklyn Scandole
Level 3 Sport

“The tutors on the course are really nice and if I was to have a problem, I can go to anyone of them and they would listen and try to help. They’re easy to get on with and provide great support to all learners.”
Leah Steel
Level 3 Sport

“I’ve progressed from the Level 2 UPS course onto the Level 3. The college has been amazing with the support provided and the tutors are just so approachable. I ended up leaving another college to come here because I wasn’t doing too well there, so when I saw Hull College did the same course I moved here and I’ve enjoyed every minute since.”
Heather Clark
Level 3 Uniformed and Protective Services

“I’m currently on my first year of the course and I’m enjoying it so much. College is so much better then secondary school and the UPS course I’m on is really enjoyable. The tutors are really friendly and helpful and have been so supportive from day one.”
Abigail Benford
Level 3 Uniformed and Protective Services

What Careers Could Our Courses Lead To…
By studying one of our Sport & Uniformed and Protective Services courses, you will learn the relevant skills to work in the following roles:

Fitness Instructor
Personal Trainer
PE Teacher
Leisure Attendant
Sports Coach
Sports Physiotherapist
Sports Scientist
Sport Development Officer
PE Teacher
Sport Therapist

If you’re interested in a career working in the sport and leisure industry, check out more potential career options here:

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Police Officer
Police Special Constable (Volunteer)
Police Community Support Officer
Armed Forces
Other Emergency Service Careers
Security Industry Staff
Prison and Criminal Justice Roles
Events Manager
Youth Leader

Trainee Facilities or Retail Manager

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