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30th April 2021

Are you a naturally caring person? Are you patient, caring and responsible? Do you see yourself helping others and providing support for those more vulnerable in society? Or perhaps you have what it takes to engage, inspire and develop young children?

Our Health and Social Care and Early Years study programmes help you to build up relationships with those you are caring for, as well as teaching you the practical skills that you’ll need to provide the best possible service to those in your care.

What Courses We Offer…

Health and Social Care
Health and Social Care (Level 1)
Health and Social Care (Level 2)
Health and Social Care (Level 3)

Early Years
Early Years (Foundation)
Early Years (Level 1)
Early Years (Level 2)
Early Years (Level 3)
Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (Level 3)
Certificate for the Advanced Practitioner in Schools and Colleges (Level 4)

Why Study Health and Social Care and Early Years At Hull College

Health and Social Care

  • If you’re a caring person who enjoys working with people, then studying one of our Health and Social Care courses - supported by our dedicated and outstanding tutors - will give you the chance to learn the skills and knowledge to really make a difference.
  • Our courses will provide you with a route into further study or open up a wide and varied range of job opportunities from nurses, midwives and physiotherapists to care and social workers, psychologists and counsellors employed by the NHS, local authorities, charities and schools.
  • Plans are in place to build a simulated hospital ward environment on-site at the College later this year which will provide you with that vital hands-on experience ahead of embarking on your career.
  • We have close links with the Careers Enterprise Company and have a dedicated Careers Enterprise Advisor based in the NHS. This provides access to the Health Champions Volunteering scheme which offers insight into different jobs within the NHS and an opportunity to achieve the National Volunteering Certificate Care Standards. This will give our learners the edge over other applicants, giving the students the experience and encouragement for a career in healthcare.
  • We provide enrichment opportunities (COVID-19 dependent) for our learners - including guest speakers, along with local and national trips for events such as The Safety and Health Expo.

Early Years

  • If you want to work with children in an early years or education setting - whether you want to work in a nursery or children’s centre, become a nanny, or a teaching assistant - our courses will help you to get a head start in this rewarding sector.
  • We see all our learners as individuals with their own needs and learning styles, which we identify early so that we can tailor the course to meet your individual needs and give you the best possible chance to succeed.
  • Our dedicated and experienced Early Years staff are all experts in their field and can draw on their wealth of experience to provide examples and case studies to show how theory can be applied in practice.
  • We offer a wide range of choices if your ambition is to work with young children, whether you are currently working with young children and want to gain additional qualifications or have no formal qualifications. All experience levels are welcome!
  • Our close links with nurseries and primary schools - along with our own childcare centre on-site at the College - give you the chance to develop your skills, build your confidence and gain the practical hands-on experience you will need to succeed in your career.

What Our Tutors Say…

“The Health and Social Care industry, particularly after the pandemic, is growing rapidly and we are proud to give young people the knowledge and skills to equip them to work in the sector. We have a great team of experienced and committed tutors who have previously worked in the healthcare sector in nursing and midwifery.

“We are especially excited about our new Clinical Skills room to be set up for September’s intake, which will help our learners develop the practical skills they need to be employable in Health and Social Care. We also offer great progression from Level 1 up to Higher Education with the HNC/HND in Healthcare Practice, leading to the BA top-up and a great career!”
Jo Tejo
Head of Department

“Studying a Health and Social Care programme enables students to develop essential skills needed in the health and social care sectors, from working in a care home as a care assistant through to nursing in the NHS. All you need is passion, commitment and a caring nature as you will be working with individuals of all ages, from babies to adults. Our experienced team provide support to enable our learners to grow and develop throughout their time with us at Hull College.”
Noelle Wilson
Level 1 & 3 Health and Social Care

“Having worked in the NHS, it is very important to me to utilise my background supporting learners to achieve their chosen progression route into the Health and Social Care sector. Whether your career aspiration is to be a Midwife (like me!), Social Worker, Paediatric Nurse, Physiotherapist, Adult Nurse, Mental Health Nurse, Care worker or another specialised role, we have a team of tutors with specialist backgrounds who can support you to achieve your aims. Working alongside the Health Champions at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and our large range of placement facilitators, we can offer a wide range of clinical placements. Alongside our wide range of courses, there is an option for everyone!”
Sam Lilford
Health and Social Care

“Supporting this year’s Level 2 part-time learners’ return to education as adult learners with career and academic aspirations and achieving those aspirations is truly rewarding. For me, working alongside our careers service and volunteering partnership at Hull University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust enables us to provide practical experience and not only the educational experience, which really prepares our learners for that next step. This year we have learners progressing to degree-level health-related study, such as Paramedic Science, HE Level 4 study and Access to HE Courses.”
Sam Lilford
Health and Social Care (19+)

“Working in Early Years is a rewarding career that allows you to impact young children’s lives and development in a positive way and make a difference. Our Early Years courses at Hull College allow you to develop the knowledge required to work effectively in an early year setting alongside gaining practical experience on placement. A qualification in Early Years opens the door to many other careers involving young children and education, including primary teaching and working with children with additional needs.”
Jade Lanson Milner
Early Years

“Knowing we can make a difference and help shape someone’s life makes our jobs so worthwhile. Many learners arrive deflated due to not receiving the desired results from exams but, here at Hull College, we have a course for everyone. You too can make a difference to a child, so contact us for further information.”
Linda Lee
Early Years

What Our Learners Say…

Health and Social Care

“The most enjoyable part about the course is when we have the class discussions about topics relating to the health and social care sector. We are all on the same course and we are all passionate about the same topics, so it’s very interesting when we can all have a class discussion.”

“I enjoy studying and learning about the different topics we cover on the course. I love that we also get a lot of freedom on the course. There is a lot of course work involved but I feel like we are being taught and prepared for the real world.”

“The course is full of opportunities. We have been given the chance to volunteer for the NHS, which is amazing. We will be able to volunteer and get first-hand experience of the jobs involved within the NHS and have a chance to help others.”

“I love that the course allows me to be myself. The College as a whole is great, they look at you as an individual instead of a large group and focus on helping everyone in a way that works best for them.”

Early Years

“The course is really interesting and suits what I would like to do in the future. It’s really informative and I enjoy learning about everything we are taught. The teachers have made my experience great with the support they have provided, always being there to talk and making the lessons fun. I have been given a lot of advice, support and opportunities during this course and they have kept me up-to-date with where I am and what I can achieve.”

“The course has been really interesting and has helped me to understand so much more about working with children. The tutors are great and lessons are always fun and interesting.”

“The course helps you to build confidence in yourself and working with children in a childcare setting. The tutors are really supportive.”

“The assignments are great easy to understand and complete. The support from Su and Lou (tutors) has been great and I can see how much progress I have made since starting in September.”

“Thanks for seeing me as an individual, and not just the same as every other member of the class.”

Did You Know…

Health and Social Care

  • We offer evening classes for adults returning to the sector or looking for a career change at Levels 2 & 3. This includes a fully-funded Level 3 qualification for learners aged 24+ who do not currently have a Level 3 qualification. These courses are run flexibly to accommodate needs of home life and the opportunity to volunteer in healthcare to gain more experience.
  • There are increased job opportunities, particularly within the Humber region (14% of jobs in the area are in Health and Social Care), with a predicated 174,000 jobs needed by 2035.

Early Years

  • Some of our previous Early Years learners have progressed from entry-level courses all the way to graduating from University with a first-class honours degree.
  • A study in 2018 revealed that curious children ask a staggering 73 questions every day! You read it right, that’s 73 questions! It also revealed that children’s inquisitive nature peaks at four-years-old - for both boys and girls.

Three Reasons To Love A Career In Health Care and Early Years Vehicle At Hull College

Health and Social Care

  • Job Satisfaction
    You can gain an enormous sense of personal achievement from simply knowing that your job is helping people. By working in health care, you help others improve their physical health and by working in social care you help improve the sociological well-being of those in your community.
  • Opportunities To Develop
    With health care workers in such high demand, many employers will be offering extra training and personal development opportunities to help staff progress, giving you a great chance to branch out and expand your knowledge, skills and experience.
  • It’s Interesting & Fun
    They say variety is the spice of life and that’s certainly true when it comes to the Health and Social Care sectors. You’ll work with a wide range of individuals who each have unique personalities and life-experiences. Every person you encounter and situation you face is unique.

Early Years

  • You Get To Make A Difference
    Today’s children are tomorrow’s future - and you’ll get to make a difference in their lives every time you head to work! Some of the most important wiring of our brains takes place in the first five years. Children’s early experiences and the quality of their care and relationships are crucial during this time. This means your role in child care can have an impact on a child’s entire life.
  • Healthy Work/Life Balance
    Working in childcare offers flexibility in your job. Sure, there are some jobs that are 9am-5pm, but whatever your lifestyle there’s a childcare job with working hours to suit you, so your personal life reaps the rewards when working in the industry as well.
  • Incredibly Rewarding
    Working with children during their early years is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding careers – and you get to have fun with kids every single day! Working in early years childcare provides you with the opportunity to experience a child’s transformation first-hand; allowing you to see them develop into healthy and happy people.

What Careers Could Our Courses Lead To…
By studying one of our courses in Health and Social Care, you will learn the relevant skills to work in the following roles:

Health and Social Care

Ambulance Technician
Care Assistant
Environmental Health Worker
Nursery Assistant
Occupational Therapist
Residential Warden
Social Services Officer
Speech/Language Therapist
Support Worker

If you’re interested in a career in Health and Social Care, check out more potential career options here:

Early Years

Breakfast or After School Club Worker
Children’s Representative/Holiday Creche Worker
Early Years Teacher
Learning Mentor
Nursery Assistant
Play Therapist
Specialist One-To-One Child Support Worker
Teacher (after university-level study)
Teaching Assistant
Youth Worker

If you’re interested in a career in early education and childcare, check out more potential career options at