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18th April 2021

If you’re looking for a career that opens up a world of exciting possibilities around the globe, then our range of Business programmes are the perfect start.

Business courses are a popular option for further education. We work with a number of key employers in the local area, where learners have the chance to gain vital work experience in an office environment alongside your studies, making you an attractive candidate for employment.

As a graduate from our Business study programmes, you can go on to work in a huge range of sectors depending on what you enjoy most, including marketing, advertising, PR, human resources, sales and retail.

An Access To HE course at Hull College can offer you a fast-paced, life-changing experience which allows you to develop valuable writing and research skills, as well as gaining a qualification that is nationally recognised and valued by Higher Education institutions.

Assessment of learner’s work is varied and includes exams, essays, debates and presentations, all of which will prepare you for the experience you can expect once you progress to a degree at Hull College. There’s a strong community of access learners who study with us, who all support each other to ensure everyone succeeds on their course.

If you’re looking for a change of career or if you feel that you’re stuck in a rut and are looking for a way out, education can hand you the keys to new opportunities. Now could be the time to change, kick-start the new life that you’ve been looking for and sign up for an Access To HE course today.

All Access Courses require learners to hold GCSE English at 4 (C) or above. The Health & Science Diploma also requires learners to hold GCSE maths at 4 (C) or above.

What Courses We Offer…


Further Education
AAT Certificate in Accounting (Level 2)
AAT Diploma in Accounting (Level 2)
Business and Administration (Level 1)
Business and Digital Studies (Level 2)
Business Administration (Level 3)

Higher Education
FD Business & Management (Full Time)
FD Business & Management (Part time)
BA Hons Business & Management Top Up (Full Time)
BA Hons Business & Management Top Up (Part Time)

Access To HE
Access to Health Science Professions (Level 3)
Access to Humanities and Social Sciences (Level 3)
Access to Law and Business (Level 3)
Access to Criminal Justice and Policing (Level 3)

Why Study Business at Hull College

  • We offer a wide range of Further Education and Higher Education qualifications to meet industry and individual needs, for diverse, mature and younger students that wish to enhance skills within business.
  • Looking for a challenge? Business courses can be some of the most challenging out there, but in the best way possible. There is no better time to start developing the skills that could lead to exciting careers all over the world.
  • Our passionate and dedicated staff have industry knowledge and experience within the business specialism, ensuring they are the right people to help prepare you for a successful career in business.
  • Studying our degree-level courses will enhance your employability opportunity to potential management positions within companies, along with teaching you the skills to go on the exciting journey towards creating your own business. A range of topics within our business course is discussed - from marketing on social media, human resources, business strategy and a wide variety of other topics giving you a well-rouded tool to success in the business-orientated world.
  • We are an equal opportunity provider including mentoring, support and bespoke learning to meet individual learner’s needs. We are here to help support you and motivate you on your learning journey with us.

Why Study Accounting at Hull College

  • AAT qualifications are a badge of excellence and internationally recognised, covering practical, real-world accounting skills that you can put to use from day one in the world of work.
  • Learning takes place in a modern computer suite on-site at the College. Our tutor has enjoyed a varied career in accounting and audit and is able to share their knowledge and experience with you in order to help you prepare for an exciting career in the industry.
  • Gaining an AAT qualification with us will help you to develop the knowledge and practical skills that employers value. Whether you’re just starting out straight from school or looking for new challenge in a more rewarding career, we can provide you with the opportunity to develop your career path - whatever your age!
  • Our Level 2 course is ideal for those wishing to pursue a career in accountancy or for those working in an SME and needs personal development with accounting practices. The course covers all aspects of double entry book keeping from day books through to the trial balance.
  • By the end of the Level 3 AAT Diploma in Accounting, you should be able to prepare basic final accounts for sole traders and partnerships and be able to enter employment in the accountancy sector. In addition, you will have an in-depth understanding of using spreadsheets, cost accounting, ethics and completing a VAT return.

Why Study Access To HE at Hull College

  • Our courses are well established with a great reputation. We have an excellent track record at allowing learners to develop, progress and successfully gaining entry to university after completing one of our Access To HE courses.
  • There is no age limit for Access to HE courses, however, you must be aged 19 or over. They are designed to prepare those without traditional qualifications for Higher Education study. You might have been out of formal education for a while or left school with few qualifications.
  • Our courses are both challenging and rewarding - and will also provide you with qualifications allowing you to study at university in just one year.
  • We offer many course options to help you achieve your goals and allow you completely change your career path and options.
  • Our tutors are highly experienced, supportive, proactive and qualified in the areas they teach, including industrial and real-world experience, and can help you to achieve your best.

What Our Tutors Say…

“Seeing students develop business abilities, skills and knowledge through the course and seeing continuous improvement and enhanced understand really showcases that learning is a journey, not a destination. To see them embark upon the business knowledge is brilliant for the opportunities it creates within our business-orientated world.”
Tom Flynn

“Accounting has been identified as a job of the future and there is nothing more rewarding than helping students develop skills that will help them embark on a career path to build a more prosperous future.”
Ellen Hawkins
AAT Accounting

“Returning to academic study as an adult is a rapid learning curve, but one which we will support you along and provide you with the skills to necessary achieve your goals.”
Sarah Henry
Access To HE

Did You Know…


Small and medium-sized enterprises account for 99.9% of the business population? That's 6 million businesses that are SMEs!

Business provides diversity of opportunity. Business graduates are in high demand worldwide because it’s a crucial part of modern society. Business allows for flexibility in trying exciting opportunities throughout a range of industries. By graduating in business, you give yourself a competitive advantage in the work place amongst your peers.


One of the world’s wealthiest men, John D Rockefeller, started his working life as an assistant bookkeeper.

Bubble-gum was invented by an accountant.

Access To HE

Three of our tutors have doctorates in the subjects they teach, while the others have Master’s level degrees.

Working-age graduates earned £10,000 more than non-graduates in 2018 and had higher employment rates.

Not everyone enters Higher Education at 18. Making the decision to return to education as an adult can be a life-changing experience, leading to better employment prospects.

Three Reasons To Love A Career In Business

  • Opportunities For Progression
    In general, business careers offer more opportunity for career advancement than other careers. With advancement comes salary increases, professional respect, an opportunity to challenge yourself, and many other perks as well.
  • Endless Opportunities
    Working in business will allow you to work in an industry that will not only excite you, but also open your eyes to new industries that you didn't even know existed. Being in business can take your career in a million different directions if you let it.
  • Become Your Own Boss (Eventually)
    Who doesn’t dream of someday being able to be their own boss? The skills you learn whilst studying and working can eventually help turn your dream into a reality – whatever the industry.

Three Reasons To Love A Career In Accounting

  • Always In Demand
    The accountancy profession is never likely to drop in popularity. Every business needs accountants and finance professionals in order to comply with relevant legislation and business procedures. Although you will have to move with the times and stay up-to-date, there will always be a demand for this profession allowing you to be at the forefront of exciting changes in business and technology.
  • Earn A Great Salary
    A career in accounting can be financially rewarding, even for new starters who have one of the highest entry level salaries available. If you’re looking for an interesting and rewarding career with excellent promotion prospects and earning potential – accountancy could be the way forward.
  • The World is Your Oyster
    Accountancy opens the door to a wealth of opportunities and career paths and will give you a wide range of skills and knowledge that will help enhance your CV and make you a desirable employee to a wide range of employers in more industries than you could even begin to imagine. You could even have the opportunity to work abroad!

What Our Learners Say…


“The range of modules within business helps me learn different techniques, tools and ideas that come to mind. Through learning on these modules, it helps with opening up the path of different career options.”

“Tutors are always there to support you no matter what, and a wide range of modules to help you improve your knowledge as well as learn.”

“A variety of modules are taught that are essential and beneficial to the ever-changing world of business.”


“During the pandemic, I was kept motivated to finish my course and I received support to continue with my learning so that I could progress on to study level 3.”

“My tutor made me like this course and gave me so more confidence in myself.”

This learner decided to change their career path and study AAT - progressing from Level 2 with distinction to Level 3. They have now successfully acquired a trainee accounting role with a leading firm of chartered accountants.

Access To HE

“The help I received from all my tutors throughout my lessons was great. This course has changed my whole outlook on education and I can't praise my tutors enough. Their support and guidance has been exceptional and I would recommend this course to anyone. I believe it has given me the confidence to move forward.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course – Lauren and Liz were amazing teachers. Both had different ways of teaching but I found all lessons interesting and engaging. Although the course is hard and intense, the support I received was amazing! The staff and fellow students I encountered were nothing but encouraging and supportive.”

“The course is a brilliant stepping stone for those of us who have been out of education for a long time and are wanting to enrol onto a degree.”

“I loved every minute on this course and really enjoyed the assessments. You can put in as much work as you wanted to stretch yourself, and having a word count made you think about the relevance of each point. It helped to develop an academic style and to build confidence in my work and editing ability.”

What Careers Could Our Courses Lead To…
By studying one of our courses in Business, you could learn the relevant skills to work in the following roles:

Business Adviser
Business Analyst
Business Development Manager
Project Manager
Manager Consultant
Marketing Director
Business Skills Coach

If you’re interested in a career in the Business industry, check out more potential career options at

What Careers Could Our Courses Lead To…
By studying one of our Accounting courses, you could learn the relevant skills to work in the following roles:

Accounts Assistant
Payroll Clerk
Purchases Ledger Clerk
Assistant Management Accountant
Payroll Clerk/Manager
Management Accountant
Tax Manager
Forensic Accountant
Audit Assistant

If you’re interested in a career in the world of Accounting, check out more potential career options at

What Careers Could Our Courses Lead To…
By studying one of our courses in Access To HE, you could learn the relevant skills to work in the following roles/industries:

Biomedical Science
Social Work
Probation service

Discover more potential career options at