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29th March 2019

Over 20 Hull College Sport students took part in a football masterclass with Hull City players Jackson Irvine and Reece Burke.

The event took place on the 3G all-weather pitch at Hull College’s Steve Prescott Centre, and was an outreach session between Hull City and Level 1, 2 and 3 Sport students.

The masterclass lasted around 45 minutes during which students competed against each other in a series of different drills. Jackson and Reece didn’t just coach the students, they also got involved in the activities, taking them on in 1-on-1 challenges.

Project Manager for Hull College, Mike Kemp, said: “Having the Hull City players attend the Steve Prescott Centre is a huge opportunity for our Sport students to learn what it takes to become a professional sportsperson. The students really embraced the training session and asked for ways they could improve their performance on the pitch. Events like this are invaluable to the college, and I would like to thank Hull City along with tutors Paul Smith and Mark Brown for making the event an outstanding success.”

After the masterclass, everyone made their way inside the Steve Prescott Centre where students had the opportunity to engage with the players in a short question and answer session. By asking questions about a football player’s diet, training regimes and lifestyles the students were able to gain valuable insight into what it takes to become a professional footballer.

Hull College student Mohammed Salih said: “The masterclass was great! The Hull City players took part in the activities as the team captains, passing on tips and techniques to us. The question and answer session was really informative. It was great that the players passed on their knowledge to us and I can link this experience with my college course units. Some of the students took some great selfies too!”

When asked about what he thought of the session, Australian international midfielder Jackson Irvine said: “It’s always nice to come out into the community and work with people who are from the area. It was great to have a bit of fun and play some football!”

The session ended with three students from the class being awarded a Hull City match ticket each for their attendance and commitment to their studies, demonstrating to the whole class the importance of hard work and how it can be rewarded.