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22nd November 2018

Photographs, paintings and drawings created by surgeons, nurses, consultants and others is on display at Hull School of Art and Design.

These creations have come from the Creative Side of Caring Team, who care for thousands of patients in East Yorkshire every year.

Their artwork is now being celebrated at The Art of HEY exhibition, which has been curated by students and staff from the school.

Ruth Colville, Senior Project Manager at Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust said: “The Art of HEY came about as a means of encouraging staff from any area in the hospital to start a new conversation across different disciplines, flattening organisational hierarchy and creating a hotbed of new ideas.”

The exhibition consists of entries from 30 members of staff, from ward clerks to medical directors, environmental officers to eye surgeons.

Simon Nearney, Director of Workforce and Development at the trust said: “We are grateful to the students and staff at Hull College’s Hull School of Art and Design who have curated the show, mounted the exhibition and designed the brochure. As we move to implement our arts strategy, we hope this exhibition is the first of many collaborations with Hull School of Art and Design.

Lucy Francis, Director of Hull School of Art and Design said: “The Art of HEY has given our students the opportunity to work on a live project to allow them to gain experience of the work involved in putting on a show.”

“We were delighted to support the NHS trust as part of the important role we play in the community as Hull’s only city centre college. As the college recently worked with both the trust and the University of Hull to introduce new pathways into nursing, it’s also fantastic to be able to showcase the creative skills of people working in the caring profession.”

The Art of HEY is on display at Hull School of Art and Design’s gallery until Friday 7th December. The gallery is open on Monday and Wednesday from 9am to 9pm and on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am to 6pm.