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25th February 2019

Degree level student designs a planetarium as part of a Creative Technology module.

Sophie is currently studying in the final year of her degree and was given the task to create something using technology as part of a Creative Technology module.

After some research and discussions with her course tutor, Sophie decided on the stimuli of astronomy and was inspired to design a ‘planetarium’.

The structure was built using just cardboard, bulldog clips, a projector and a security mirror. It was accompanied by several different lighting displays, which Sophie set in position, as well has a presentation to talk viewers through the project.

As you stepped inside the planetarium and looked up, the domed structure was illuminated with tiny stars. This image was of the night sky from the perspective of Hull.

The planetarium was stationed in the colleges Horncastle Theatre over the course of a few days and open to students and staff to visit and view the structure.