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11th October 2017

The Mick Ronson Foundation (MRF) has been working in partnership with Hull College to provide a unique set of bursaries to help music students to progress in their studies.

On Thursday 5 October, four students from the college’s FE and HE music programmes were awarded the first batch of bursaries live on local BBC Radio, by music legend Steve Harley.

The MRF, a charity established by Mick’s daughter Lisa, famed songwriter Steve Harley and local promoters Gary Marks and Paul Greendale, has worked in partnership with Tutors Craig Steer and Patrick Gradwell at Hull College to offer financial backing to local musicians in need of initial investment, in the form of annual bursaries.

Students Jean-Luc Sinclair, Dani Quiney, Harry Williams and Jordan Rogers joined the famous songwriter, alongside Lisa Ronson, in the studio of the BBC Radio Humberside ‘Burnsy Show’ where they were announced as the first recipients of the prestigious award.

Following the radio appearance, students at Hull College were treated to a special hour long Q&A session with Steve and Lisa as well as Gary and Paul.

The Hull College Music School has a long history of nurturing musicians, singers and bands, and providing the city with a large percentage of its musical talent. Many of the college’s alumni and current students perform in the bands that fill the stages of the region’s largest festivals, with this year’s Humber Street Sesh being the perfect example.

This provision has now been recognised with the award of the prestigious and generous funding scheme from the Mick Ronson Foundation (MRF), while also ensuring Mick’s legacy will help to support young talented musicians in the Hull region.

Pat Gradwell said ‘The bursary is a fantastic opportunity; many of our students have real talent but lack the backing to move forward in their careers. The Mick Ronson Foundation bursaries will bridge that gap through the support of new equipment, training and production costs. We are very excited to work with the MRF to support Hulls next generation of musicians’.

Lisa Ronson said, “I think this is just wonderful. My dad was someone who was always interested in helping other people, so this really is a fitting legacy.”

Steve Harley said, “We met the students and I really hope these bursaries help them through their degree course. I’m just really thrilled that after a year and a half we can now finally award these funds.”

Hull College tutor Craig Steer said, “This means a great deal to us, the whole music department has had the pleasure of nominating our best students to celebrate their excellence. The students we put forward have all worked really hard and have shown they are keen musicians who also may need just a little bit of support to help them in their studies.  These scholarships will really help to solidify their progression.“

Student Harry said, “This makes a huge difference for me. It’s one of those things that when you are told you have won, you stop to think who has given you it and just how important that is.”

“It feels good to be part of something that is celebrating Mick’s memory.”

Student Dani said, “I’ve been thinking hard about what I can use it for because something as special as this really needs to go towards something meaningful.”

“I’m starting my Master’s Degree soon, so I will put the money towards this.”