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2nd June 2017

On Friday 2 June, a statue designed by a Hull College student to celebrate legendary musician Mick Ronson was unveiled in Hull’s East Park.

The 8ft metal sculpture of a guitar was designed by level 3, 3D Design student  Janis Skodins after Hull City Council contacted the college to help create a piece of art to be installed within a special celebration garden in the park were the famous rock star worked as a groundskeeper.

The ceremony was well attended by many of Mick Ronson’s family, friends and fans who were delighted to finally see the finished piece which was unveiled by Maggie Ronson, Mick’s sister.

Janis researched his subject using old video footage in order to incorporate aspects of Mick’s personality into the design, and the end result is a powerful sculpture reflecting his influence and input into The Spiders from Mars, David Bowies backing band.

Janis said, “We were challenged with designing a memorial to Mick Ronson and we knew he worked in East Park before he was famous so this was the right place for the statue. I began my design by watching interviews and videos of Mick and reading books about him to find out more.”

“It feels amazing to see my work installed in the park. I didn’t expect it to win in the first place.”

Local company Campbell Engineering built the sculpture free of charge from Janis’s designs and a first stage model.

Janis said, “They have done a brilliant job in building this from my design as it looks exactly the same as the prototype model I made, only bigger.”

“I want to work a car company in automotive design so being to show evidence in the kind of work I can produce will really help me in my career.”

The piece also compliments a commemorative plaque which forms part of the Lord Mayors Centenary project, a series of 100 plaques led by Councillor Mary Glew to celebrate pioneers and heroes from the city.

Councillor Mary Glew said: “Mick Ronson left an enduring legacy to the world of contemporary music and this sculpture, along with the Garden of Reflection and Centenary Plaque, is a fitting tribute to his memory. It has been nice to involve other local artistic talent in the form of Hull College students who have done a fantastic job in the design work.

"I hope people enjoy visiting the Garden and reflecting on Mick’s life and legacy.”