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26th February 2018

Paul Leonard has created an impressive career in the world of Catering, earning the coveted Michelin Star rating as well as cooking in world famous restaurants, even training under the great Gordon Ramsey.

And on 1 May 2018, Hull College will be proud to welcome back their former student to host a delicious dinner celebrating his success.

Former catering student Paul is an outstanding young chef and mentor who works tirelessly to encourage the next generation of young chefs, and as part of the college’s ‘Returning Stars’ programme, will pick up the pots and pans in the place where it all started, HU1 Riverside Restaurant, creating a wonderful menu for special guests, as they also hear about Pauls journey and the incredible things he has achieved.

To date, Paul has worked at many elite hotels including Gleneagles, the Samling, and the Isle of Eriska Hotels. It was at the Isle of Eriska Hotel where he gained the coveted Michelin Star rating.

HU1 Riverside is a fully operational training restaurant based in Hull College’s Horncastle building. It is here where the regions next generation of talented chefs receive their training by working in a real setting, cooking for real customers.

The event will be staffed by students on the Level 3 Tech Diploma in Hospitality and Catering, and it will give them a once in a lifetime opportunity to work alongside such a renowned and talented chef.

You can find out more about his time with Hull College and his exciting journey here.