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12th January 2021

Hull College has entered a team to compete in the Association of Colleges’ Lunar Challenge - an inclusive run, walk and cycling challenge using the free Strava App - and we need you to help us rack up the miles!

Colleges are being challenged to collectively reach 238,855 miles - the distance from the Earth to the moon - by running, walking or cycling as much as possible by the end of February. There will be a national leaderboard - updated twice weekly - showing how many miles each college has contributed to the national total, so those that enjoy a competitive element can see how we are getting on against other colleges up and down the country.

All activity contributes to the college and national total, so whether you enjoy a walk around the park, 5k run or 15-mile cycle, every bit of exercise you do will be a positive contribution to the total distance required. We’d love to see as many people as possible from the college involved and join our team in order to keep active and maintain a positive relationship to physical and mental health during the lockdown.

The Association of Colleges is also offering prizes to keep both learners and staff engaged throughout the challenge. For the more competitive ones amongst our college community, there will be three prizes for the team members who contribute the most miles towards the national total (both cycling and running/walking). There will also be a random prize draw for all participating colleges that reach 300 activities during the challenge. In addition, there will be prizes for each weekly spot challenge to keep participants engaged.

Students and staff will need to download the Strava app and join our Hull College Strava Clubs to take part in the challenge, which can be done via the links below.

Running Club:

Cycling Club:

When students and staff complete an activity on the app, their distance will contribute to the overall college total which in turn will be used towards the national total. Please note that walking will need to be recorded as a run on Strava for it to count towards the total mileage. To do this, select the ‘Run’ setting on the app when walking or running. Cycling will need to be recorded using the ‘Ride’ setting on the app.

And, if you do decide to join our team, don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, along with using the hashtag #CollegesLunarChallenge, when posting any images on social media.

For safeguarding purposes, we strongly recommend that you set up privacy zone for the address on your Strava account. These privacy zones will restrict others from seeing where you start and finish. So if you are starting or finishing your exercise from your house this won't appear on your Strava map. The following guide shows how to create a privacy zone on Strava:

If you have any questions about the challenge or would like any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Steve Prescott Sports Centre Manager Mark Kendall via email on or by phone on 07534973048.

*Please remember that during lockdown you should only exercise outside once a day and you should not travel outside your local area.