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13th March 2017

Students from Hull College recently submitted a large batch of Movie posters to Cineworld Hull, helping the cinema to promote the latest run of exciting blockbusters with a unique style.

Level 1 Media students were tasked with a client brief from the local branch of the national cinema chain to design a range of bespoke film posters to be used in their foyer and social media channels, helping them to promote the timetable while showcasing the level of skill and talent at Hull College to a huge audience.

The project is part of each students’ work experience.

In 2015, college tutor Jamie Kelwick approached the cinema manager John Jackson to explore work experience opportunities inside the cinema itself. However, due to insurance reasons, this initial plan was not possible. Further discussions to find a work around created the idea of a “client brief”, something the students could achieve while at college and still actively “work” for a client.

The students accepted this challenging brief with great enthusiasm and work as part of their Experience of Work classes.

The resulting work provided the cinema with bespoke and unique poster art for approximately 25 Hollywood blockbusters including titles such as Kong: Skull Island, Beauty and the Beast, Transformers: The Last Knight, Alien Covenant, The LEGO Batman Movie and many, many more.

The scale of the work means that students continue to work weekly on new artwork as new films are released at the cinema.

The vital element that this project brought to the students was the needs of the client. For the first time in their studies, students were required to work to a set of standards and expectations not belonging to the college. The need to adhere to a client brief challenges the students to operate outside of their comfort zone and expand their skill set vastly, working in a fashion that is new to them and delivering a first class product to a customer.

Jamie Kelwick, Course Leader for Level 1 Media said, "The Level 1 Media team have embraced this work experience brief and put so much effort into it. They have been very professional in their approach to the commissions from Cineworld and, most importantly, it has allowed them to showcase their creativity within a working environment. These students have excelled in their work ethic and it has given them a lot of pride in what they have achieved."

John Jackson, Operations Manager at Cineworld said, “It has been an enjoyable experience working with the media students and they adapted well to the rules and regulations set by the film distributors. Above all this they worked really well to promote Cineworlds brand within their poster designs.”

Callum Finch, Media Student said, “I am doing my work experience at Cineworld and I think it’s the best work experience opportunity. You can use the Adobe Suite which is a software package that not everybody has a chance to use.”

“I’m personally very proud of the work I have done for the people at Cineworld and I hope to continue producing excellent work.”

Tiago Simoes, Media Student said, “Working for Cineworld has been very interesting and very good.

It’s a good opportunity to learn more and more and to gain more experience. Not everyone has the chance to work to in a cinema and this will be good for my future, hopefully making it easier to find a job in media.”

“I hope Cineworld continues giving us this fantastic opportunity.”