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19th February 2020

On Friday 14th February, Hull College Group committed to tackling the workplace stigma surrounding mental health by signing the Time to Change employer pledge.

The aim of the pledge is to create a culture where mental health can be discussed openly and honestly with no fear of discrimination and that all support options are visible and available for everyone.

Ahead of the pledge signing, 15 staff members nominated themselves as Employee Champions. Their role will involve carrying out the 12-month action plan and creating opportunities to start up conversations about mental health; whether this is through a tea, toast and chat event or a mental health myth buster quiz.

Time to Change is the UK’s biggest programme to challenge mental health in the workplace and we are proud to be their latest recruit.

Alongside the Time to Change pledge, Hull College Group also signed the AoC Mental Health and Wellbeing Charter on Tuesday 18th February.

This charter gives us the chance to publicly state our commitment to the mental health agenda. To find out what we will be doing to create an environment that promotes learner and staff wellbeing, click HERE.

If you’re a learner and would like to talk to someone about your mental health, stress or any other issue, please visit our counselling page.