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12th December 2016

Level 3 Business students took part in an exchange trip with Dutch students to improve their entrepreneurial skills.

This year saw another of the annual exchange visits from The Hague University in the Netherlands to hold an International Market around Hull’s City Centre, while just a few weeks prior, students from Hull had the opportunity to run a market in the Netherlands.

On Friday 9 December, an International Market took place with the visiting students, based across the city centre in various venues including Princes Quay and St Stephen’s Shopping Centre and the Hull Interchange.

The trips are part of a partnership between Hull College and The Hague University and were started back in 2014 by Martijn Borsje, a lecturer at The Hague University, who was inspired by the work experience which he undertook at Butlins, Skegness, in 1995.

Designed to help both sets of students, these visits develop their business and sales techniques, by experiencing the difference in cultures and how sales methods prove more effective in one country compared to another. One of these differences was the reception of the public to direct face to face selling, as this is the norm in the Netherlands but is rarely welcomed with the British public who responded more positive to the display stall method. With this in mind, the students needed to quickly adapt their methods to suit their environment which posed great challenges for them to overcome.

Micheal, a Lecturer in Marketing at Hague University said, “Once again, we have really enjoyed the collaboration with the English students and the chance to bring 60 of our first year students to Hull to sell our products alongside them has been really eye opening. “

“We get to see all the selling techniques used in England and our students get the chance to develop their English skills and work with other currencies. The currency challenge also teaches them how to adapt to any mistakes made with the exchange rate and how to fix any losses.  I hope this continues over the years and there are ways we can use these trips to improve over the years. “

Naomi Ofori, 17, is studying Level 3 Business at Hull College and said, “I went to the Netherlands as part of our project, which was a really excellent experience and I would recommend the trip to any future students. It’s different and you get to mix with the students in Holland while selling your products.”

“It’s good to learn from other cultures and the differences in business techniques in other countries. The Netherlands is not somewhere I would usually thought of visiting so being given the chance to go there with Hull College was really great.”