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5th January 2017

Construction Students from Hull College have been given the perfect opportunity to develop their skills and gain valuable hours of work experience by teaming up with other tradesmen to produce a new health facility.

Currently titled Project 101, this development project will see the transformation of an old building on Hull’s Spring Bank into a respite centre for patients recovering from an operation or the terminally ill.

The project is a huge undertaking, involving the creation of 11 separate and self-contained rooms, each with its own bathroom, and many more rooms including kitchens and conference rooms. Work started back in April 2015 and is due for completion around February 2017. This large and ambitious project has opened up the opportunity for Hull College students to benefit directly from working alongside the other professional tradesmen, gaining work experience and invaluable tips and advice.

Ian Smith, Project Manager of 101 and lecturer at Hull College said, “Students have been invaluable as they need work experience and we need workers, so this works well for both parties. We have had bricklayers, painters, electricians and plasterers, all of which are students from Hull College. They are all from different levels of study and they have all been very keen to get involved. “

“They get a change of environment and a good feel for what it’s like to work on a real building site. They are given induction talks and safety briefings and get the chance to get used to working with very basic amenities.”

“The students get to work alongside real tradesmen who can also teach them skills and methods in a real life scenario.”

John Robson, 17, is studying Plastering at Hull College and said “I chose Hull College because it offered plastering and the location was perfect for me. I signed up for work experience and have been given the chance to do some skimming and plastering, which gives us more confidence and knowledge of a real building site.”

“I get a sense of achievement as everything we do here will be used to help people and will be appreciated.”

Charlie Potter, 17, also a plastering student said, “I wanted to get a trade and after speaking to a few people they recommended plastering. Hull College was the only place I knew that offered the course so I enrolled.  The tutors give me lots of advice and guidance and really help me be the best I can. So far I have done around 35 hrs here. We are only required to do 30 hrs but we have enjoyed it so much we asked to come back and now we come every Thursday and Friday when we are not at college.”

“College is a controlled environment but when you’re on site there are lots of challenges that we need to overcome which really helps us.”