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14th October 2019

Two hair and beauty students’ have been putting their skills to good use, dedicating their time on a voluntary basis with the Hull Homeless Outreach team.

Rebecca and Lisa cut the hair of those who have found themselves homeless. Every other Wednesday evening, they attend St Mary’s church on Lowgate to help spruce up the hair of those less fortunate, giving them a well-deserved confidence boost and improving their job prospects.

The pair have been volunteering at the church for over a year. It first started when Rebecca messaged the Outreach team through Facebook, asking if she could offer haircutting services in return for developing her skills and confidence.

Rebecca said “Gaining industry experience can sometimes be difficult. Being involved with the Outreach team is a completely different working environment.”

As months passed, Rebecca got increasingly busy and decided it was time to get her good friend Lisa involved in the project.

In the two hours they spend at the church every other Wednesday, they can do around 7 haircuts each, which is well above the industry average!

They have created a salon area in the church and use industry standard equipment on the clients, so they are getting an experience as close as possible to that of a real salon.

Since there is no running water supply or hair basins, Rebecca and Lisa use creative and resourceful ways to produce professional results. This can include using dry shampoo or straightening hair before cutting it.

When asked why they are still involved in the project a year later, Lisa said “I genuinely love it! It’s so rewarding, and the clients appreciate what you do for them.”

Rebecca added “This is our chance to give back to the community. It can be challenging at times, but it’s very rewarding.”