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17th September 2020

I just wanted to make you aware of the Graduation arrangements for 2020 this year and to provide you with as much time as possible to be able to make arrangements for the ceremony, if you are a student that is due to graduate in 2020.

We will be holding one event for all Hull College Group students this year that will be held on campus on Thursday 22nd of October in the Horncastle Building.

In terms of booking onto the event, once a student has received conformation they have passed their programme to their student email, and that has been confirmed at a Board of Examiners, students will be able to book their place and gowns/photography package through the Northam’s website. Northam’s are the robing and photography company we use along with most other higher education providers to provide a robing service to students. The William Northam website: is now open to accept bookings with booking slots available from 10:30 am up to 15:00 in the afternoon; please note that slots are restricted to no more than five graduates per each 30 minute slot, in line with current COVID-19 government guidance. If any more slots are needed, Northam’s will arrange these through their website.

Students can have professional photos taken with their guests, by William Northam, but please note that your guests are limited to two per student. Students who attend this Ceremony will also be given the opportunity to attend the Graduation Ceremony taking place at the Hull City Hall in 2021. Within your booking time, you will receive your robes with visual instructions available to assist you when placing them on, and there will be Northam’s staff on hand, with full PPE and staff from the College able to assist you and guide you to make sure you get everything right. You will then be able to keep your robes and return them at a later date to Northam’s through the post in a pre-paid envelope that will be provided to you on the day of the event.

We do hope you are able to join us at the above event. We know this is not the Graduation Ceremony you probably envisaged, however we do hope this goes some way to allowing you to celebrate with your family and friends in your achievements, particularly this year. We are also arranging to have a venue available to us for food and drink close by to the college throughout the afternoon, we just need to make sure the venue chosen is acceptable in light of current guidelines and restrictions on public gatherings. Once we have this confirmed, we will provide you with the details of the venue.

All the best with your progression plans, do keep in touch with us, and hopefully see you on the 22nd of October.