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8th August 2019

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What is Skills Support for the Workforce?

The Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW) programme offers support and up-skilling opportunities to encourage growth within industry across the United Kingdom. Through funding from the European Social Fund, the Education Skills Funding Agency and the Humber and Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnerships, diverse, fully-funded training has been made available to SMEs through HCUK Training to create a stronger workforce.

What can we do for you?

We can offer fully-funded nationally recognised and bespoke training for small to medium enterprises (SME) in the Humber and Lincolnshire areas through online, classroom and workplace learning.

Our specialist partners we can provide training to SMEs in key sectors, including:

Greater Lincolnshire

· Manufacturing

· Agri-food

· Visitor economy

· Low Carbon

· Health & Care

· Ports & Logistics


· Ports & logistics

· Construction

· Food

· Visitor economy

· Health & Social Care

· Creative & Digital

· Manufacturing

· Renewables

· Chemicals

Who is eligible for SSW?

• SMEs based in the Humber or Lincolnshire regions

• SMEs employing up to 250 full-time equivalent

• Any SME with a turnover of up to £34million or a balance sheet less than £29million

• Employees over the age of 16 (Greater Lincs)

• Employees over the age of 19 (Humber)

We also support staff requiring redundancy support through our Skills Support for Redundancy programme.

How to apply

For more details about SSW fully-funded training available through HCUK Training contact our experienced team.

Greater Lincolnshire

Julie Stubbs, Business Training Coordinator

Tel: 07538113437


Jazz-Lydia Atkin | Business Training Coordinator

Tel: 07538 113323