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17th December 2018

The Student Union team have produced a guest blog to show off the College's all new second floor social space.

Welcome to the second floor social space at the Queens Garden site here in Hull.

A space for laughter, fun or just to be quiet whilst chilling out before, after and in-between lessons. You can sit with your friends, listen to some music, play some games and that’s just to name a few! But don’t just take our word for it, come and see for yourselves.

Students love to come here to chill with their friends, some even come here to make new friends. Ellie, one of our Level 3 Public Service students comes here every lunch, she chills out on the bean bags, books out the gaming room, which is equipped with an Xbox and PlayStation, and generally uses the Common room to meet up with her mates.

This is the perfect place to chill out, relax and socialise with your friends. Or if you need a space to work then we have a Quiet Study room equipped with PC’s so you can get some work done when you’re out of class. Maybe you want to work with your friends on a group project? Then we have the Learner Meeting room for you to book out, you could have a private space with an interactive whiteboard, a huge table to sit around and the space to work as a group.

If you need some advice or a bit of support then you can also visit our Well-being Room, where we have a number of external agencies who come into the College, ready to offer support and guidance around drug and alcohol abuse, mental health and other support networks. If you would like some advice on careers then, pop into our Careers Room and speak to our very own Careers Advisor Abbie or one of our external advisors who are also located there.

And last but by no means least you’re Student Union are based there, so why not pop and see them.