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30th June 2020

From continually supporting learners to organising fantastic events, such as Freshers’ Fair, Erika Vaikeviciute has been an incredible Student Union President and one who will be greatly missed.

Erika came to the UK a few years ago and not only had the language barrier to contend with but had to start on a lower level course until her English improved. Within a very short space of time, Erika proved to be an exceptional learner and quickly worked her way up, with her now preparing to start her next chapter at University.

Alongside being President of the Student Union, Erika was a Student Governor, full-time Business learner and part-time Customer Assistant – so safe to say, she was a little busy!

Holly Pratt, Marketing Co-ordinator said, “Over the last year, Erika has been a complete pleasure to work with. She is passionate, dedicated and always eager to help. I couldn’t have asked for a better President to work with during my first year at the college.”

The role of President appealed to Erika because of her passion to improve the learner experience in college. Erika said “I love the idea that little me, who just studies in college, can help and support learners when they need it most. I can answer their questions, point them in the right direction, and I will always do my best to try make them feel better.”

Perks of the Student Union President role included meeting new people, celebrating different learner cultures, organising exciting events and of course, taking part in meetings which naturally Erika loved as a Business learner!

Erika proved to be a savvy and determined Student Union President, from adopting the latest social media platforms to interact with learners to somehow convincing tutors to get pied in the ‘battle of the brains’ quiz! She continually brought new ideas to the college and executed them both professionally and successfully.

Zailie Barratt, Director of Learner Support Services, said: “I have watched Erika grow in confidence and skill. An absolute asset to the Student Union and the college and I have absolutely loved working with her. The commitment and loyalty to the role was exceptional and she has set a very high bar for the next President.”

We have all thoroughly enjoyed watching Erika progress through college and can’t wait to hear how she gets on at University.

We will miss you Erika!