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BA (Hons) Games Design is rooted in the holistic design of games and the creation of small scale viable games products and related interactive digital artefacts, from concept art to casual games, table top board and card games, through to fully realised “persistent virtual worlds”.

Creativity and imagination are at the heart of this programme that sees the educational convergence of both the Arts and STEM. Alongside traditional design skills, drawing, ideation; the use of 2D and 3D visualisation tools; contextual and theoretical study including the psychology of “play”, you will also be exposed to broader transferrable skills such as group working, research skills and professional practice.

You’ll complete your BA (Hons) Games Design with the portfolio and up to date professional skills you need to succeed in the industry after graduation. This is because your modules combine tutor-led skill and knowledge development, industry-oriented product creation and self-initiated exploration and reflection. We offer real opportunities to work on projects proposed by industry, whilst students regularly partner with staff in research based projects that are publicly showcased.

Entry Requirements

96 UCAS points

Although we use UCAS points as a guide for students coming straight from school or college, entry to all our programmes is by interview (and portfolio/audition for programmes in the Faculty of Arts), together with evidence of academic achievement and/or relevant professional attainment. So please contact us to discuss your individual situation as we actively welcome students from a wide range of educational backgrounds. For us, what you've achieved in the past isn't nearly as important as what we believe you can achieve in the future and we excel at providing the support that helps students succeed, regardless of their previous academic background.

IELTS Score: 6.5

Modules & Units

  • Cats: Frameworks For Understanding: Histories Theories And Perspectives
  • Introduction To 3d Realisation
  • Games Design: An Introduction
  • Creative Futures: Skill Sets
  • CATS: Frameworks for understanding: histories theories and perspectives
  • Creative Futures: Contexts
  • Games Design: Theory and Practice
  • Interactive Environments and Level Design
  • CATS: Critical Specialist Study
  • Creative Futures: Professional Practitioner
  • Major Project for Games
  • Professional Practice for Games

Call Course Information on 01482 598744 to discuss the possibility of additional start dates.

Start DateDurationDaysTimesPriceExam Fee
11th September 20173 YearsVarious Days- TBC*£0.00


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Web design or development professional

Jobholders in this unit group design, develop and maintain websites...

Programmer or software development professional

Programmers and software development professionals design, develop, test, implement and...


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