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Practical and motivating courses that cater for interests and aspirations.  The new Pre-Tech programmes have been designed to support practical experience, progression skills and knowledge alongside English and Maths GCSEs. The Vocational units are skills-based and will prepare for next steps within technical programmes once completed.

The vocational courses are level 1 courses to enable core techniques and skills to be developed alongside business and communication development to prepare for future employability demands. 


Those starting in September will enrol on a Certificate.

The mandatory core units run alongside vocational pathways to ensure learners are preparing for next steps as soon as they start studying. Developing progression plans with support and core skills are part of this work to ensure all individuals have the tools to be successful.

GCSEs Study 3hrs per subject



Specialist sessions for those not yet reaching grade 4+


Curriculum Options


             Being Organised

             Developing Personal Progression Plan


Vocational Pathway:

Choose your Pre-Tech specialism: 6 Hours per week

Choose from Sport, Motor Vehicle, Construction, Art and Design and Child Care.

Entry Requirements

Maths and English at 1(G) or above


Assessment based

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Full Time Further Education

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