Level 2

GCSE English - Evening

This one year course is for students who want to improve their GCSE grade. The course is designed to help you explore communication, culture and creativity. .

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You will have the opportunity to read a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction texts from across a range of themes, styles and time periods, developing your independent and critical reading skills and helping you to develop your voice as a writer. You will learn skills that you can transfer to all walks of life, enabling you to communicate with confidence. Students will be assessed in: reading for understanding, comparing and analysing; writing to communicate clearly, imaginatively and for a given purpose. If you have not previously taken a 9-1 GCSE English exam, you will be required to complete a speaking and listening assessment. Tasks will involve: understanding and assimilating a range of texts, producing creative and informative writing, taking part in discussions and group activities.

Entry Requirements

Preferably a Level 1 equivalent, or Grade D at GCSE, in chosen subject


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