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Fd Fine Art

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Overview: During the Foundation Degree in Fine Art you will be part of a supportive community of practitioners committed to helping you develop your practice and achieve your creative goals. Through practical and theoretical classes, the programme aims to develop your making skills, hone your contextual understanding and allow you to experience relevant industry projects. At the end of this Foundation Degree, most students progress onto the BA (Hons) Fine Art (Top-up) programme we deliver here in the Hull School of Art and Design that is validated by the University of Hull. The staff team are experienced practitioners or researchers in their field who will work closely with you to develop your studio skills, hone your critical eye, and increase your contextual awareness. In a generous and well equipped studio environment, you will explore models of practice in contemporary art, from studio and gallery-based work to site-responsive and client-led projects. You will work on some ambitious collaborative projects with our local partners. Entry Requirements: Is 64 UCAS points, and we will also consider applications from mature students with industry experience or other accredited prior learning (APL). Our HE IELTS score entry requirements are 6.5 UCAS CODE: FAP1 LEVEL 4 MODULES (First Year) Ways of Making 1 (20 credits) This module provides a necessary foundation of skills in: painting, ceramics, 3D design and printmaking. Students may employ this knowledge to explore and define individual approaches in later modules and in self-determined studio briefs. Drawing – Understanding Through Looking (20 credits) Drawing is both a skill and mode of thinking that supports the development and expression of ideas in Fine Art. This module introduces students to the diversity of forms that drawing can take. Theory in Context – Visions of the Modern World (20 credits) Students are introduced to the history, theory, and contextualisation of their practice with particular focus given to artists of the modernist era (1860 – 1940). Studio Practice 1 (20 credits) This module offers students an opportunity to confirm and develop their individual approach to Fine Art practice in response to a self-defined brief. Students are expected to question and challenge conventions, develop intellectual curiosity, take risks and select unique creative directions. Exhibiting Practice (20 credits) Students will work collaboratively on a commissioned piece for an external client. Venues may include arts organisations, commercial environments with scope to develop exhibition spaces, arts festivals, galleries, maker spaces, community arts organisations, social care and wellbeing environments Ways of Making 2 (20 credits) This module enables students to develop an evolved portfolio of practice with particular focus given to photography and film. Those interested in developing technical skills have full access to a range of facilities including: dark rooms, editing suites, professional DSLR and 4k film cameras. Work may also be undertaken on everyday technology such as camera phones or, for those uninclined to digital processes, the module incorporates opportunities to explore historic photographic techniques. LEVEL 5 MODULES (second year) Public Art (20 credits) With direct input and ongoing feedback from an experienced commissioner, this module will introduce methodological strategies for responding to a brief and lead to the development of a credible proposal for a work of Public Art (and potentially its realisation). Site Specific Art (20 credits) Students will engage with broad cultural and social issues, considering the role of art in society. This module explores different viewpoints through seminar discussion and by researching the opinions of theorists, critics and practitioners. The practical outcome will be a fully realized work, created by the student outside of the studio and in any form of their choosing – from installation to land art or performance. Theory in Context – Art in the Postmodern Age (20 credits) Students will explore the philosophical notion of postmodernism and associated thinking – most notably as applied to the consumption and appreciation of cultural products. Free rein is given to explore artists (practicing from 1945 to the present day) with whom students feel a creative connection. Studio Practice 1 (20 credits) This module builds upon the skills and knowledge acquired at Level 4 with an emphasis on articulating ideas through in-depth practical and theoretical investigations applied, once again, to a self-determined brief. Studio Practice 2 (20 credits) In this module, students refine their skills, concepts and methodologies towards more realised forms of art. Students will also be expected to demonstrate an increased awareness of the audience and the means by which their work is to be experienced. Exhibiting Practice (20 credits) This module is focused around the planning and execution of an exhibition that represents the culmination of two year’s creative work. It aims to develop awareness of industry practice and working methods in a highly informed, critically aware manner. Students will be expected to work as a group to find an external location in addition to funding, preparing, curating and marketing the exhibition. Assessment: We will always assess students through a variety of methods and learning styles, this includes assessments such as portfolio development, written submissions, personal practice and presentations. Fees: £7500 per year/level of study This programme is approved by Hull College Group Contact Hours: Timetabled sessions will be ten hours a week, there will be expected self-directed study and an additional commitment to workshop/studio practice which will equate to a total of 18 hours per week.
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