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FD Criminology

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The question is - what is the root cause of crime, and if we knew the answer could we actually stop crime? With most media focusing on ‘street crime’ you will investigate why that is the case when so many big companies commit crime.

You will delve into the question of what the purpose of the Criminal Justice System is and who’s interests are best served - the offender or the victim. You will be taking this further by considering how women who kill abusive partners are treated compared to men who kill women considering most of the judiciary are male and privileged.

The FD Criminology programme focuses attention on salient ethical debates about crime, society, and policy. The study of criminology enables you to develop the collation and evaluation of evidence, an appreciation of the complexity and diversity of the ways in which crime is constituted and represented, providing you with a solid foundation in the study of criminology as a distinct discipline.


Level 4

·         Personal and Professional Development (20 credits)

·         Foundations of Criminology (20 credits)

·         An Introduction to Sociological Inquiry (20 credits)

·         Understanding the Individual (20 credits)

·         Work Related Learning (20 credits)

·         Media Constructions of Crime (20 credits)

Level 5

·         Crime Culture and Social Change (20 credits)

·         Social Research Methods (20 credits)

·         Future Impacts and Decision Making (20 credits)

·         Criminal Law (20 credits)

·         Principles of Punishment and Rehabilitation (20 credits)

·         Criminal Justice Policy and Conflict (20 credits)


UCAS Code: L312

Fees: £7500

Subject to Validation



Upon completion of this foundation degree students, you can progress to the BA (Hons) Criminology (Top-up) or pursue a career in any of the following areas: Probation Services Victim Support The Police Prison services Non-profit-making organisations, including the NHS and charities Mental Health Support Drug and Alcohol Recovery Housing (in outreach support roles), as homelessness officers, and in refugee services

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